Make Itunes 12 Look Like Itunes 11


I would like:

To look like:

Is this possible?


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If you go the the upper left corner, make sure you are set on "Music". The go up above to the "View" command, click on it , when it opens click on "Column View" and iTunes will revert back to the older familiar look. Out in the Music window in the upper center there are a few buttons for the window's view and if you change it to "Songs" you can go back and sort the various columns again. This is the closet way I have heard about yet.
Why is the toolbar trunked?

Looks like you've potentially got quite the ensemble of interface-mucking applications loaded (colored Apple logo, menubar icons a-plenty, etc.) -- could one of those be the culprit? Do you have any installed that enhance window controls or functionality (like the old MenuShade) or anything?