New camera


I own a 2013 Mac Mini attached to an old CRT Mitsubishi 24 screen monitor. It all works great except the external camera I use for Skype and Zoom no longer works (it is attached to the Mac Mini via a USB cable - see attached photo).

I would like to replace the camera but I know technology has moved on. I would like to know if anyone knows of a suitable camera with a USB connection that I could purchase that will work with my Mac Mini.


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I always say use 1080 cameras unless you want your coworkers to see your stubble with 4K! So I say go with 1080 cameras a 1080 camera like Logitech c930c!
Many thanks. The Logitech c930c looks impressive but at $90 that's a bit too expensive for me. So I have come across a USB camera for £30 ($38) which will do me.

I am just surprised that USB cameras for Macs still existed! :)