New mouse

I saw it and I would really like to try that mouse. In fact, I think I will order it! :)
when they release it as a bluetooth version i'll get it.

gosh - when apple do something they do it in spades dont they?! finally a multi-button mouse - but what a multi-button mouse!

might be a while for a BT version though - as the batteries might not last as long having to power the inbuilt speaker!!!
On first glance I'm impressed, think I'll order one! It's one of those products that I'd love to try out. It suits left handers too.
It....simulates....clicking..sounds...? Aye aye aye!... ;) (I guess it sort of has to, but I hope they have some kind of volume settings.)

Why is it not a build-to-order option yet? And I do hope they don't intend to replace the single-button mouse with that thing. That would be even worse that replacing it with a "conventional" multi-button mouse. Invisible buttons are not intuitive...

The scroll ball seems like an improvement over the old scroll wheel, but I still think Apple could have done better. The scroll wheel was a flawed idea to begin with. Let me scroll with the MOUSE, not a teeny little button on the mouse. It would have been great if the squeezing action changed the mouse from normal to scrolling behavior.

A very nice-looking mouse, don't get me wrong, but I expect more from Apple.
The new mouse does look great, however I would have to try it before I bought it.
I didn't discover I had 'lazy' fingers until after I had bought a mouse with a touch sensitive scroll 'wheel.'
In use I rest my fingers on the mouse buttons, and every once in a while I'll have scrolled to the end of a spreadsheet or document when not looking at the screen after accidentally touching the scroll pad. What if this is the same for a left or right button? My fingers are far too lazy to hover over the mouse buttons.
I hope Apple have addressed this 'accidental click' issue for people like me.
I hope it has been worked out because otherwise it would make the new mouse practically unusable for me. Damn my lazy fingers, but it's been too many years to try and break the habit...

Now I won't have to listen to all the power-users b*tch anymore!

Seriously, though, that thing is spiffy. Hopefully the "clicking" action feels as good as the mouse looks.

... *also waits for BlueTooth version*
Dammit Apple! NOW you release my most-wanted device, and I've just switched to a trackball to relieve wrist stress!

Nice mouse! Hopefully it operates as smooth as it looks -- I don't know about the touch-sensitive clicking, though... I think I would have preferred it stay a mechanical click, but then again, I'll have to actually use the product to make any conclusions.
Looks really neat...looks like the classic one button mouse, but it's actually 2 buttons, of course right after i bought my Macally BTjr they decide to release this.

I think it's to help switchers who buy 3rd party 2 button mice.

Do you think the next Powerbook/iBook's are going to have this same feature? Press more to the right of the button and it will right click, same with the left side as well?

I've gotten so used to the one button on my laptop, i've been clicking in the middle, and can't use any other windows laptops because of that, end up right and left clicking at the same time. :confused:

I'll wait for a bluetooth version of it.

Now the apple basher's no longer have the it's a one button mouse remark! :D :D :D :D :D
I'm a right-handed person and like to keep the right side clutter-free. Therefore, I plug everything into a powered hub including the receiver for my wireless M$ mouse and plug the hub's USB cable into the left USB port. I have found from experience that a wired mouse on a laptop is more of a drag than an aid; I always had to compensate for the effect of the mouse wire on my hand movements...I shall therefore cross my fingers and hope that they release at least a wireless version of Apple's Mighty Mouse
Just placed my order. I had actually just bought a new Pro Mouse and Keyboard last week to match my new ACD 20". I'll be passing the Pro Mouse on to my 2 1/2 year old daughter. She'll find it much easier to use than the Kensington 4 button mouse she has been (trying) to use.
The BT mouse as is, runs batteries dry pretty fast. Adding all of this touch functionality, and a built in speaker doesn't sound too promising on the wireless front.

People with BT will probably have to buy a wired keyboard too if they want to go for the 'mighty'... A BT version seems like it'd be much further down the road.
jh2112 said:
I hope Apple have addressed this 'accidental click' issue for people like me.
I hadn't considered that. The regular pro mouse has three different mechanical resistance settings. But as far as I can tell, this one has no such setting, either through hardware or software. This is definitely not a "one size fits all" kind of deal, so that's not good. Hmm....
At all looks at sounds neat at first but considering its price and the fact is all touch sensitive, I'd have to really try it out for a good 10 mins before hand to know for sure about the thing. To be honest though, since its $50, I'll also be looking at other 3rd party mouse options too.