OS X Maverick Update ?


I have a iPhone 5 and updated it because of the security issue…I have to get used to a lot of the different
features that i don't like… But my question is…What changes will i have if i download my Mac..and i have
seen where some people are saying don't use safari until i have updated my Mac.?..Is this a real security
threat or just so scare people?…Of course i will update my Mac..but i just want to make sure..Also i just
got a software update and its for safari?..One more question… Do i need room to update the new Maverick
software…Thanks for any information.. I know i sound confused… Thats because i am…My Mac OS X
Version..10.7.5…and as i said i use Safari… but i also have firefox i could use…I won't update my Mac
until i get more information form someone on this site… Thank you again...
Can you tell us exactly which Mac you have now?
The best information, and the quickest way to be sure what you have, is to go to your Apple menu/About This Mac. Click the More Info button, which will open your System Information. Click the System Report button. Then, under Hardware Overview, tell us what is listed for Model Identifier - also, Processor Speed, and Memory.

To partly answer your questions - security updates are for real threats, although they won't necessarily affect a large number of users. They ARE important enough that Apple releases either fixes/patches, or updates to prevent a threat from, well, being a threat to your Mac.

Finally, you asked about room to update to Mavericks. Please also tell us how large your hard drive is, and how much free space is available. The usual rule of thumb is to keep 10 to 15% free space to allow room for your system to operate freely.
Model Identifier..iMac 11,2
Processor Speed..3.06 GHz
4 GB
free space…1.28 GB
I hope this information will help me with my question
And finally… What differences will i find if i update ?

Thank you so much for any more help
First - I doubt you will be able to update to Mavericks, as your hard drive is almost completely filled up.
If you have 1.28 GB now, the Mavericks installer is more than 5 GB - so that's immediately a no-go...
You need to free up some space - even if you choose to NOT upgrade at this time. A good rule of thumb for free space is at least 10% of total space. If you have a 500 GB hard drive, then that's 50 GB! (minimum... :D )
If you are not sure how to proceed, there's plenty of threads with similar questions, like "Clean up my hard drive" would be a good place to start.
Next - 4 GB of RAM is OK, but not a lot for Mavericks. Your iMac can be easily upgraded to 8 GB, or as much as 16 GB maximum.
note that if you upgrade your RAM before clearing space on your hard drive, the extra memory will use up the rest of your free space, and more. (you'll see that you have a swap file the same size as your installed RAM, so that's why that would happen.)

Differences going from Lion to Mavericks?
This site has a lot of relevant info for you... http://www.macworld.com/article/2057230/get-to-know-os-x-mavericks-system-preferences.html
Or go to Apple's support for Mavericks.
Now… what happens if i decide not to update the software at all.?..I did update my iphone5 an my iPad 2…but regardless what i do or not to i am taking your advice and will clean up my iMac….I know i have things i rally need to delete… So thank you for your help..And if you
would give me your opinion about if i really need to update maverick…And as i have said i use safari.. and i got a safari software update
notice ..is it a good idea to update safari… Ive heard different things about safari??..Thank you so much for any of your help..
You are the only one who can decide if the new features in an upgrade to Mavericks would be worth your time and effort.
You are the one that "needs" Mavericks - not me… (don't misunderstand, I really like Mavericks.)

"What happens if I decide not to update … ?"
There's no law that says you must update, particularly if you are nervous about doing that.

If you decide to upgrade your memory, then you will get the advantages that gives you, even if you choose to do nothing with your OS X system.

Another option, is to try Mavericks out.
Backup your present drive completely, then upgrade to Mavericks. Use it for a few days. If you don't care for it, or have real problems, then simply restore your backed-up older system - no problems!
Of course, you would back up your present drive regardless of what you decide to do. (give yourself a way back, just in case)
I think cleo may have misunderstood your question about disk space, and given you memory space instead - I doubt they have a 4G hard drive these days, but 1.28G free memory would be reasonable.
Before upgrading from 10.8 to Mavericks i consulted Adobe to ensure that my CS3 products would be compatible. As far as I could ascertain they would be. So I upgraded the Mac Mini (should have had 10.8 as a backup in case I wanted to scale down again, but didn't). Lo and behold Dreamweaver CS3 does not work on Mavericks. So I'm now stuck without Dreamweaver on the Mac Mini.

Can't say I see any big improvements with Mavericks over Mountain Lion.