OSX x86 leaked?


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There are reports that someones leaked ths x86 build of osx
I hope they find out who has done this if true!

anyone think this is good or bad news for apple?
Yea this is interesting...Espically since they are going on about how it apperently runs on any intel machine, since there isn't any hardware guard. It's called LeGrande techonoglies or something to that effect. Anyways you can download this torrent burn an iso and you should be off and running Tiger. What about it being buggy though? Ha! Who i am kidding, who has downloaded yet?
I don't think the discussion about this is at all interesting... Good or bad for Apple? Whatcha think! They certainly didn't want it leaked, of course!
Btw.: Had to remove the links, since there was much too much talk about where to get it on there... I don't think we have to close the thread or remove it, but please do NOT talk about where to get illegal copies.

The discussion seems to claim it's simply a hoax. So "reports" about it installing on "just about any hardware" are to be taken with a kilo of salt, to say the least.
...it might even be intentional. After all, Apple knows that this is probably the most coveted software at the moment. And they haven't forgotten about the leaked Tiger copies. They must've been aware that this would happen.

Why is this good for Apple? Well, it seems that the version in the transition kit will actually run on just about any i386 system. The system they used on WWDC wasn't special in anyway, and according to rumors on the 'net, neither will the transition kit be. Apparently, they are NOT using LaGrande...

This means that a lot of people will get to test OS X on Intel, with a native iLife'05 on it. And since it won't be possible to upgrade it, if you like it you'll have to buy it when it expires (there is an expiration date when the OS will cease to function).

Viral marketing anyone?
That's okay fryke. I can't imagine anyone here being too interested in downloading it. We can all run tiger already! :)

People are speculating this may be intentional like elander said, giving x86 owners a taste of OSX.
I personally think it's a bit extreme but no publicity is bad publicity!
Hm. I just think Apple _doesn't_ want an early build to leak like this. Evangelism or not. Not this far away from Intel/Macs, you know... Once _those_ are released, however, Apple could of course release demo DVDs that install on any X86 hardware - but is seriously crippled, i.e. runs for only 30 days, can only create non-admin users etc. ... Things like that.
fryke said:
Hm. I just think Apple _doesn't_ want an early build to leak like this. Evangelism or not. Not this far away from Intel/Macs, you know... Once _those_ are released, however, Apple could of course release demo DVDs that install on any X86 hardware - but is seriously crippled, i.e. runs for only 30 days, can only create non-admin users etc. ... Things like that.
That's the evilest idea I've heard in a while. I like it! ::evil::

Although it might make people just resent Apple for their "artificial" hardware lock on the Real Thing.
Well, I have seen the torrent on a few sites. Of course it could be fake, it was only a gig.

I am very curious but I restrained my self from downloading it. Apple usually retaliates when their software is pirated, especially on something like bittorrent which is so insecure to begin with.
Ever heard the saying "you get what you paid for"? I'm not that daring of an individual to get a so-called copy of an OS off of some torrent site.Who needs the complications ? :confused:
i am very curious on wheather or not this is real or fake.

I ask if there is an apple developer who has real copy, to find out if this is real or fake, developer, step up. :)
Ehh..whoever the developer that leaked this (if it's even true) is going to be in a whole lot of trouble soon...

But, i find it quite interesting, if this is true, that why did Apple make it so easy for Tiger for x86 to be sent off somewhere, i mean, i'm guessing the OS came pre-installed on those dev systems, so if it's preinstalled, wouldn't Apple have had to give them a disk for it if the image file for it is floating somewhere around the internet? Why would they do this?
This is something I've wondered -- do the developer machines that Apple is "renting" to developers come with an OS X x86 install disk, or do the machines simply come pre-installed only (causing problems if a reinstall happens to be required)?

Haven't heard anything definite on this one...
Yeah -- I'd like to know.

And if they did supply a disk, which i could definitely see as a feasible thing to do since it's such an early release of the OS for x86 architecture, why wouldn't they go to some length to prevent it from being leaked? Do they really trust the 3800+ developers that much, or did they not care (to some extent) if it leaked?
I don't know whether it's real or not, but I can't believe it would run well if it's true.

OS X is currently very nitpicky, which is a blessing and a curse. Apple users typically get a "it just works" experience, which is great, but you also get a more limited set of options (say, video cards for example).

Windows can run about anything in terms of software/hardware integration, but it's often a PITA compared to OS X.

I would think running OS X on any old PC box would be very shaky at best. At least I hope so, or Apple is in big trouble. Remember, Apple is a HARDWARE company. The LAST thing they want is for OS X to run on a generic PC box.
If it leaked the build and wont work on your G5 and Intel right now its foucs on Intel machine from Apple. They want to foucs on Intel teaking right now..

Even IF it's true, and even IF it works on machines other than the dev kit Apple are providing, I find it hard to believe it will work on the vast variety of PC hardware out there, especially graphics and sound cards, think of all the drivers required! I've had headaches of the last few years getting not only Linux but Solaris to work on standard PC kit. Regardless, I wouldn't read anymore into this than the pics of the internals of the dev kit, it gives absolutely no indications of final products, the dev kit probably is a fairly generic mobo and the OSX/x86 as it exists now probably works on a few combinations of hardware but it means nothing.

If true, installing it on a PC is really risky, if Apple did find out, there could be.. problems. I also expect the OS will be date-limited too. It won't be difficult for Apple to tie the OS to the dev kit it was intended for (if they are clever), that developer better be ready for a visit from Apple's lawyers.
First of all, all signs point to this being a simple fake. No big deal.

Secondly, I don't know if "Leaked" is really the word to use for something that has been publicly released. That is to say, if you're an Apple Developer Connection Select or Premier member and are happy to splash out $999 US you can have Mac OS X on Intel hardware right now (and that price includes usage an Intel Pentium 4 3.6ghz fitted in a PowerMac G5 enclosure).

Don't these people have something better to do with their time? If they invested as much time and money into getting the real thing as they do into fuelling these rumours, they'd have a genuine Intel P4 powered Mac loaded with OSX at their doorstep within 3 weeks.