show us one of your favorite ads

I love watching TV ads also when I travel. And vintage ads - sometimes I find some weird, decades old TV ads from somewhere and just enjoy seeing how much the ads have changed... a good ad just captures something from the place, time, and the people around the ad. :)
Most are not funny or interesting, but there are always a few that are really awesome...
So some of the ones I remember liking:
'Jake from State Farm'
'Calimero' ad (Omo washing powder, from Italian TV in the 1960s... classic in the sense it introduced Calimero - can't find the ad in youtube etc now)
Apple 12" and 17" Powerbook from years ago
Some of the Guinness and Jameson ads in US have been really good in the past years, but can't pick one of them
Also the Old Spice man and the Most Interesting Man In The World man make great ads :)