use bootcamp with windows 7 copy?

I'm trying to install Windows 7 with bootcamp but it wont recognize my windows 7 disk or usb. Its a copy of the original but i have a license and everything just cant get far enough to use it. Is there something im missing or will it just not allow me to use the copy?
Yeah it boots up fine. I've used it on my Netbook many times. Bootcamp won't let me make the partition though. Can I just make a partition through dusk utility and then boot up from the windows disk and install? But then how would I get to windows
No - it won't work to just use Disk Utility, as that utility won't let you make a partition that the Windows installer will recognize properly. That's the primary purpose for Boot Camp.

What happens when you try to use Bootcamp to create the Windows partition?
You say it won't let you make the Boot Camp partition - do you get an error message when you try
Your Windows installer is not recognized by boot camp as a valid (bootable) installer disk.

Try an alternate method - here's two slightly different ones.
Quit Boot Camp, if it's running. Insert your Windows installer CD, then restart your Mac. When the screen goes black, hold the letter C, which will force your Mac to attempt booting to your Windows installer.
What do you do if you simply boot back to Mac OS? You'll quickly tell that the grey Apple comes on the screen, which won't happen when the Windows installer boots.
If you get the grey Apple, press and hold the power button for 5 seconds, which should shut your Mac off.
Then, press and release the power button, and immediately hold the Option key. If the Windows installer is bootable, you will see it in the boot-picker screen that will appear.
If you don't see an icon for the Windows installer, then press the eject key on your Mac keyboard. Any disk should eject. Wait for 10 seconds, and reinsert the CD. If the Windows installer icon does NOT appear, then I suspect that your CD is no good.

Make another copy of your Windows installer. Best bet is to use the .iso that you downloaded from Microsoft. If you don't have that .iso now, you should be able to download it again. If you go to the Microsoft store, you should be able to find out how to do that. Or, use the original installer CD, as you should still have that, eh? If you can successfully burn a copy, that new copy may boot your Mac.

Finally, Boot Camp requires a full Windows install, and not a Windows Update install. Are you certain that your installer is a full install?
ok so the disk didnt show up as bootable. a while ago i just copied the whole disk to a usb because its faster and have been using that. I guess the disk got messed up sometime after that. thanks for that suggestion. im currently burning a new dvd so lets see what happens. i only transferred all the files from the usb onto the disk so it still might not work. if not ill have to download the iso
no luck. i think when i copied it i just dragged all the files over and didnt do a direct copy. it works on pc's but i guess not on Mac. thanks for your help everybody


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When I installed bootCamp to load Windows 7 (on a separate drive in my Mac Pro) I had to reformat the BootCamp drive to NTFS before Windows 7 would install (a Retail disk).