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Post all news and announcements here. Like if they announced a PB G5, or new iPods with Video capability, and stuff like that. Photos are also welcome... Even better when you're attending the WWDC 2005.

As of yet, I don't have anything found on any site obviously, but as soon as I find something, I post it here.

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No Quicktime feed. I can remember only one year when Apple made a QT feed of WWDC available, and that was the year they introduced the G5, iSight and Panther. 2003, I believe.
Well according to cnbc Apple has dropped freescale and will announce intel ibooks and powerbooks today and will then slowly add other intel products next year. As mentioned many times previously HP has also inked out a deal to have 10.4 on some HPs before the end of the year as well as adding a ipod mini to the line of mp3s.
yeah. right. and. apple will buy out microsoft and integrate their famous "Wizard-for-everything" approach to software design.

"What, you want to delete a file? Here is a wizard."

"You want to turn off your computer? here is a wizard.
CNBC isn't reporting that Apple will announce Intel-based iBooks and PowerBooks today -- they're reporting that Apple will announce a move to Intel processors that will take at least 2 years to complete, starting with the Mac mini.

mi5moav: can you provide a link to the story about PowerBooks and iBooks?
Seems strange to opt for Intel. AMD's Athlon 64's currently eclipse Intel's offerings. I suppose it could be because of Hyperthreading which AMD doesn't have.
mi5moav said:
It was on CBS marketwatch this morning at 650 am. It wasn't actually cnbc but someone they were interviewing. This makes much mores sense with them moving the ibooks and powerbooks to the pentium M processor.

http://www.hp.com/hpinfo/newsroom/press/2005/050602a.html hp mini news

I still see nothing about Intel-Mac or iBook/PowerBook on that link. And nothing at all about HP computers running OS X 10.4.

Not that I'm saying it's not true, but you're not backing up your claims with good links. All your links just rehash previously-known information.

I want some substantiated meat on iBooks and PowerBooks to go Intel before I'll believe it, and my information, sadly, will probably come after 1pm EST today rather than certain members of this forum if they can't provide a link to the information they spout!
I remeber I read article somewhere.. I found it from MacRumors.com

That being said, it doesn't answer the many other questions that would stem from such a transition. Questions such as emulation layers, current PowerPC Mac sales, developer migration, end user confusion and more. As well, Steve Jobs was recently asked about the possibility of switching to Intel and reportedly "Jobs basically said no."

Remember Steve is full of surpises of new products.

Do you remember in the past that Apple had using the INTEL on Apple Performa. When Steve Jobs return and killed all performa products. If Apple return to use INTEL again and surely will use it for Mini Mac, eMac, and or Powerbook and ibook?

I am hoping that Apple will say "Whew its about time for IBM to break thur beyond 3 ghz. So.. Hope so. If not then I will be :mad:
Performas weren't using intel processors at all. IIRC, Performas started as cheaper copies of the Mac Classic II, used the 68LC040 in the Performa 475 and 630 etc. and went to the 603 line of PowerPC processors later on.