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    IDVD-Burning Issue

    Hi all, I got married the other day and am in the process of putting some of my friends movie cips of us onto DVD. I have recently upgraded to tiger, and fancied creating a masterpiece using IDVD. Everything seems to go well, apart from burning the dics! The taskbar gets right to the end when...
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    Connecting to Windows server

    On an imac G5 running panther with all the latest updates installed trying to connect to Windows server. The office is connected to a windows server running macs with system 9.2 which connect via ethernet with no problems at all. Have made all the relevant settings exactly the same to macs...
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    DVD writer on OS9.1

    I have a Lacie DVD writer (design by F.A. Porsche) and am trying to get it to run on my G3 Mac (processor upgraded to G4) running OS9.1 and Toast Titanium 5.2.3. The Drive is recognised in the system profiler as a USB peripheral, but Toast will not recognise it and there were no driver disks...
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    Colours for print????

    Guys thank you very much for your invaluable input. I have done a lot of reading, bought a few books, and generally been teaching myself all the important stuff I never had the time to learn at university because I was doing things that were a waste of time imo. Your help has helped me a lot...
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    Connecting my guitar to my Powerbook

    Cheers guys, so the line in is the one with a circle with 2 triangles either side? If so I am going to order the cable. Thanks for your help.
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    Connecting my guitar to my Powerbook

    Hi all, I have a 12" Powerbook and want to record my guitar through Garageband. I have been reading a few old threads and am a bit confused as to what I exactly need to connect the guitar to my Powerbook. My guitar is an electric Gibson, so what cable/ converter do I need to connect it to my...
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    Internet connect window popping up on startup

    Im running osx 10.3.5. It started doing it when I tried installing a driver I found to try and get my bt voyager 100 adsl modem working on my mac. I had no luck and now get that window everytime I boot it up. Its just annoying me. Any ideas on how to stop it doing it?
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    Internet connect window popping up on startup

    Hi guys, I keep getting this window pop up when my machine has booted up. "The selected communication device does not exist. Please verify your settings and try again." I tried installing a new modem driver the other day ands its been happening since then. How do I remove it/ stop it...
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    Colours for print????

    Hi all, I just got my first job as a graphic designer after graduating :o However, since now I am designing for the real world I need to start using colours correctly so I get from the printers what I am expecting. If anyone can shed a little light on the following questions, then I would...
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    External flash usb memory

    Hi I have a keychain 128mb memory stick which today has started behaving a little oddly. I have used it this morning for copying one set of files from my computer to another, and it worked fine. But after that when I came to use it again I was told " I didnt have privilages to delete" things or...
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    Photoshop question

    Hi guys, you may have read my other thread regarding saving a file in photoshop, so you can import it into quark without a white background. From what I can gather I need to create a clipping path. I am using photoshop elements and cant seem to find what I am supposed to be doing. Can anyone...
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    Quark 4.1 Graphic design related question

    ok thanks guys. I think I will be able to suss it out, just looks like you cant do it in elements
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    Quark 4.1 Graphic design related question

    Any more help please guys? I dont really have than much of a clue when it comes to slightly older photoshops
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    Quark 4.1 Graphic design related question

    In the version I have of photoshop that I am trying to get this to work in (on a pc at work) I can not see a pen tool. Any ideas where it will be? I know on my mac it is in the pallet, but it is not here. How do I convert what I draw with the pen tool to a clipping path? What is it under...