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    Attaching video/tv monitor to Powermac G5

    A friend of mine keep his camcorder connected to the Mac via firewire like you would to capture tapes. Then he connects teh Yellow/Red/White RCA cables to his TV that are on the camcorder and plays it through that to the TV.
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    Can't burn DVD's but able to burn CD's

    I have this strange issue the last couple weeks. I have a PowerMac G5 with a built-in Sony DVD burner. I also have a 12" PowerBook and a Lite-On DVD Burner that I've put in a firewire enclosure. Both of these DVD burners have been running fine for over a year. Now all of a sudden I'm not...
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    Upgrade server 10.4

    Install Tiger Server on a firewire drive and test from there. That way you can reboot from Panther Server in case there's any issues. I also recommend doing a clean install of Tiger. Don't upgrade your Panther Server install.
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    Slow Network Logons.

    Try what's here with changing the 2 files on each Mac. It's worked for me.
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    Windows users can't create folders on root of sharepoint

    I have an Xserve running 10.4.5 Server. There is a sharepoint called Projects. There are 10 users that access this share point. 7 on 10.4.5 clients and 3 on Windows XP Pro. The 3 people on Windows can NOT create or rename folders that are on the root of this share point. If they go on a...
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    Securing Mac OS X Tiger from immature college kids

    Check out Deep Freeze
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    Can't get Windows XP user to log onto Tiger server

    You shouldn't have to do all that but you can. Are you sure you have Windows/Samba/SMB sharing ON for that share you want them to connect to? That could be your problem.
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    Itunes Sharing Error -3259

    I'm having trouble sharing an iTunes library over my wireless connection at home. This error happens on my iMac G5. I can see the shared libary on my PowerBook. When I click on the shared library after about 2 minutes this error pops up. The shared music library " Ray's PowerBook" is not...
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    tiger - finder

    All this Finder fighting when there has been a great alternative for a while. Path Finder 3.2.2 It blows the Finder away. Version 4 is in the works and will most likely have tabs.
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    Newest known Tiger build: Mac OS X 10.4.3 8F8

    The latest version of Tiger client is unstable and unusable. Tiger Server is much more stable but has plenty of bugs.
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    Carbon Copy Cloner - anything better?

    You have to "scan a disk image for asr" to change it to do a sector by sector copy. If you don't the restore takes for ever. CCC and SuperDuper both scan for asr and disk utility can convert non-asr image to asr ready. Ghost can do sector by sector or byte by byte. You can change it in...
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    Disk Warrior Fails to Start Up 2.0GHZ G5

    ohh well that's confusing.
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    Disk Warrior Fails to Start Up 2.0GHZ G5

    It's such a crock they charge everytime they need to update. Gimme the download for free lemme put it on my FireWire hard drive. Than if I want a CD I'll use BootCD.
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    Virtual Desktops

    I've been using Virtue as of late. It's got more features than Desktop Manager and it's free too. Codetek is definitely the best. You won't find anything better.