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    Should donating organs by compulsory?

    That does sound better. The card could also contain information like whether or not the person is diabetic. It's handy to know this when you can't ask them, and of course, if Diabetics just carry cards, that doesn't mean that everyone who doesn't carry one isn't a diabetic. Good idea.
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    iWeb... trying access project after reinstalling Mac OS X...

    how do I do this? It's all updated, I have all the site files, except for the Domain file... Can I edit the site? It's my own site, it's currently online, but how do I make iWeb recognise it? Thanks
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    Preview of Safari 3.0 features

    I'd like a "are you sure you want to close all the tabs?" feature because I'm getting tired of accidentally hitting Apple + Q instead of W and closing the program..
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    iTunes keeps quitting

    Most of the time when I try to play a song on the iTunes store it quits. I'm using the latest OS, iTunes 7, and the only thing I've done recently is updated Quicktime, and now it keeps quitting. I've deleted plist files... what else do I do? Thanks
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    Microsoft Messenger won't open...

    Hi, I'm using a Macbook 1.83Ghz with 10.4.7, and I've been using Microsoft Messenger for a while. I've tried Adium, Fire and Proteus, and although I generally prefer them, they just don't have the interface I want. To a degree, Microsoft Messenger does. But that's another topic. For some...
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    Omega Watches?

    Nice watch, not for me, but still, it's nice. I like the solar power idea, that's pretty efficient. I'm no expert on cameras but the blur looks rather minimal, perhaps it is simply a fault of a not-so-steady hand (I'm guilty). I don't know what camera you have, but on my camera, you have to...
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    Omega Watches?

    What, for my watch? Nope. I don't know what information you based that conclusion upon, but if that's how you go about forming conclusions, then good luck to ya! :P It's not about budget. My dad could go out and buy me a £5,000 watch for my birthday if he wanted to, but I wouldn't accept it...
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    "BootCamp is LAME" - Venkat Pullena

    In the article the author mentions having problems plugging in a simple USB device like a webcam. I'm not 100% sure but don't all Intel Macs (minus the Mac Pro, which was not available at the time) have webcams built in? Isn't that a bit of a retarded thing to do?
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    Omega Watches?

    Oh mercy... what happened to the good old days when a watch was a watch, not some token to say "OMG I'M SPECIAL LOL"? Same goes for phones, I have a nice phone, great features, yet it'll last me about a day without actually using it for calls... quite bad... as a phone, but that's another topic...
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    Omega Watches?

    Awesome. I have nothing to worry about because at the end of the day I've not spent 2-3,000 on a watch... only £17.
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    Omega Watches?

    I've had mine for a few years. It'll probably break in a few more. It has a ten year warranty. If it breaks after that I'll just buy another one. I think it'd work out much cheaper than yours.
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    Omega Watches?

    Ugh... sorry, but I can't stand it. I think it's horrible, and the price makes it much worse in my opinion. And I can't imagine you making this thread if you didn't get a new watch or you didn't get a watch at such a price. I have this watch. It's simple. I like it.
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    Is the Israeli repsonse to Hezbollah excessive?

    I guess it depends on perspective. If I was a relative of one of the soldiers missing I'd probably want all hell to break loose to get him/her back. But then it looks like some kind of excuse here to be honest, I'm not saying that people are war mongers or something, but Israel has a reason to...