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    How to Loop Slides in Power Point 2004 11.2.4?

    Actually I found a simple fix. Two files. One with the intro, one with the actual presentation. close
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    How to Loop Slides in Power Point 2004 11.2.4?

    Been awhile since I've used Power Point. Then end result that I'd like to accomplish is this: I have a 16 slide presentation. The first part of the presentation will contain 6 photos that will fade in starting with the first photo, then the second, then the 3rd, etc. When it gets to photo #6...
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    8 pounds, 2 ounces

    Congrats! My first child (son) is due on Feb 29th! Two months ago I started a thread asking if anyone knew of any websites where I could get cool Mac shirts or "nerdy" shirts/onesies of somekind. I decided to get a few onesies made with the word iBaby on them and the Apple logo.
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    Cursor in Photoshop disappears...

    NICE. I teach an Intro to Digital Art & Design class here at the local JC and I get the same question about a few times every session... "I can barely see my pen tool cursor, why does it change to the cross-hairs and then back again?" Hey genius your caps lock is down. Hey Big, * I changed...
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    need help

    What happened when you tried Mr. Me's suggestion?
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    iMovie Squishing Media

    This is the first time I've opened iMovie HD, I'm removing about the last half of a movie from a client's DVD. But when I import the movie I want to edit, iMovie vertically squeezes my movie to make everything appear squished, and horizontally stretched, check out the screenshot (there is a...
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    MacBook Air - What's the point?

    When I was going over the specs, it sounded to me like they are trying to get this thing to appeal more to business travelers & executives... Those that don't necessarily have time to mess with CDs, wires, and such. I'm sure they ran the whole gamut about pros and cons, and I'm sure they saw...
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    ref: my question on fonts on the mac

    Hey Kenny, I saw your other thread, and you might want to copy this addition and add it to the previous thread. Just so that the important information will always appear in the same place for those who click to see the original thread. I actually stumbled on this new thread by accident, and...
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    Expecting First Child, Any Ideas for Cool Things?

    Nice shirts Bellyflirt, you've got good ideas going on. I can't believe cafepress didn't occur to me. They already have some cool samples on there. There were a few baby shirts on there that said "Already Smarter than Bush". And there was one I particularly like that was a spin-off on those two...
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    Expecting First Child, Any Ideas for Cool Things?

    That's actually a good idea for my clothes. But price isn't really an issue. And I don't really want to put that kind of work into something that my kid will grow out of quickly... don't get me wrong you put up a pretty good idea. Not exactly what I wanna do for my iBaby. I'll end up screwing...
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    Expecting First Child, Any Ideas for Cool Things?

    Hello, My wife and I are expecting our first child. (Due Date Feb 29th... NICE). Since I'm a graphic designer/mac lover/creative fellow, are there any ideas or websites you guys can send me too for any cool baby clothing ideas, maternity T-shirts? I'm looking for any cool baby tees...
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    Photoshop Marquee problem

    Resetting/Deleting the PS Preferences to restore its defaults is a simple short cut: Hold down: Command+Option+Shift+Control (Mac) or Control+Alt+Shift (PC) While the program loads.
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    I bought my first Microsoft product yesterday.

    Nice. I've had my 360 console for about 8 months, and I was very impressed. Not just with graphics, but the appearance, online play, networking, everything. A few games you can try if you haven't played the computer versions: GH3 for sure, F.E.A.R., Gears of War, Rainbow 6 Vegas, Tiger Woods...
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    Functions keys F1-F3 are dead

    Yes you can verify the buttons physically work using keyboard viewer... Systems preferences >> International >> Input Menu Make sure "keyboard viewer" is checked. If its not, check it. A small flag should appear next to your time/volume settings on your menu bar. Click it and click on "show...
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    print to PDF = embedded fonts?

    Yes there is a way. And the reason they ask for it that way is they may not have the fonts that you use, and their computers won't be able to display and print it correctly. If you are using a design program, like Illustrator or InDesign, you can "outline" the fonts with a few very simple...