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    OS X 10.3.1 Released

    The upgrade seems to have helped my B&W G3. I had been having KP's and random freezes just like OS 9. Filemaker 5.5 was very unstable. Last night after installing I have had no problems. I'll feel much better about it once I get a few more days with it. I was nice to get 8 hours in on FMP...
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    From Win XP Pro ----> Mac OSX ...questions / help please

    Command-Tab No, PCI or PCI-X if you have a higher end G5 Option-Command-Esc will bring up a lost of applications and allow you to force quit them. Many programs come on a disk image and it's just a matter of dragging the icon into your applications folder. To remove this type just drag it...
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    The G5 and Pro Video Cards!?!?

    I would bet they did quite a bit of market research on this and found that few people were using that extra optical drive bay. With Firewire 400 and 800 as well as USB 2.0 built in they give you plenty of options for an external drive. I think more people wish there was more internal drive...
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    Germans opened boxes

    I think Apple is releasing computers next week but it's hard to believe some of these reports on the case design. Too many conflicting stories. This story has a CPU speed that sounds too fast for right now. Who knows. Maybe IBM's having good success churning out chips that rate faster than...
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    A good idea...

    It's about time Apple got a chance to take a MS idea and run with it. The chance comes along so seldom. Hopefully they won't hop on the MS port-a-potty or computerized watch ideas.
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    It is no longer a rumor!? ZDnet confirms G970!?

    I don't think that you could say that Apple using the 970 in the next generation of Mac is rumor anymore. IBM officially announced it in October. The only question is when will they ship. This should put Apple in a good position to finally start getting some market share back.
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    What is happening to Apple?

    I know everyone hold Apple to a higher standard but give them a break. They delayed the 17" Powerbook two weeks and everyone gets upset. Even though they call Safari a beta it's by far the most polished web browser on the Mac side. When was the last time Dell introduced anything exciting in...
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    Epson drivers on the way!

    There are plenty of applications that you can print from. They don't load themselves onto your computer. Agfa has drivers out for their scanners. I can even use my SCSI scanner. Garphic converter is a usfull program also. If you need to do somthing with photoshop what is the big deal...
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    10.1 On Legacy Macs

    If you are going to use your 8600 for 10.1 you should at least pick up a G3 or G4 card. My 8500 runs 10.4 great. The only serious limitations at this point are that you need to disable sleep and at this point you can't use a video card. If you want to learn more about using X with pre beige...
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    Macavenger... your FTP

    Does anyone have it up now. I tried macAvengers FTP and can't connect.
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    you have to pay for osx

    I think I'll just run down the street and pick up my free copy on Saturday. I can't believe that people are bitching. Apple is going to put together a package of three disks and a manual and offer it for free at Apple dealers and still people complain.
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    Slowest mac able to run OS X...

    Go to version tracker and find "Unsupported UtilityX Ê-Ê 1.1". This will allow you to run OS X on PCI based Macs and some clones. Put a G4 upgrade card in and it will work fast even with 10.04.
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    Benchmark your Mac

    CPU:450 G4 Model:8500 Ram:256 OSX 10.0.4 Time:1.8333
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    OSX speed on 604e?

    I have a PM8500 with an XLR 450 G4 Carrier card. OS X works great with this set up. It worked ok with my G3 300 card but now with the G4 card everything is much faster. I also added an Atto U2 SCSI card and a faster drive and 258 megs of RAM. The biggest limitation is that so far no one has...
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    PM8500 w/PowerLogix G3/300?

    The 8500 won't work with the ATI card. If you remove the card and use your built in video it should work fine. If anyone has been able to run OS X with the ATI Rage Orion card with a 8500 or 7500 or found a patch to let it work please reply.