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    Need External HDD HELP!!!!

    Okay thanks for your advice..I'm about ready to order. One question.... Will I void the warrenty if I put it in a external enclosure? Cause all Seagates have a five year warranty. I tried looking a there site but could not find anything regarding this. If the warranty stands with the...
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    Need External HDD HELP!!!!

    Hey I found out that the other drive is a Maxtor is that all right? What about the case is it all right? Thanks for your reply
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    Need External HDD HELP!!!!

    HEy guys i'm thinking on buying this what do you guys think. Any recommendations ? IDE compatible Aluminum Case USB 2.0 and Firewire Supports up to 350 gigs and it's a 3.5" (which is the standard size right?) Here's the Link...
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    10.3.3 won't recognize iTunes DVD

    I just backed up some tunes an to a data DVD and the Finder in Panther won't recognize it at all. I tried it on a XP machine and it worked fine but in 10.3.3 not such luck. They are TDK DVD 2x and they have worked before I'm on a iMac 800Mhz with Superdrive Any help will be appreciated Thanks
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    Apple owes FreeBSD

    Well guys I don't know much on this subject, but the best codec out there seems to be 3vix. Just wanted to point that out. I know that it's not included with Quicktime but the newest version will play on QT 6 with out having to dowload the codec, isn't that cool. Please don't rip on me kinda...
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    DVD-ROM Problems

    Hey guys a couple months ago I burned a DVD with most of my programs backed up. I wanted to see what programs were backed up today and my iMac wont't read one of the folders within the DVD. It's the folder with the most files and OS X just starts thinking and then minutes later it does nothing...
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    Do I finally have the Aqua look down?

    Here's the tutorial It's for P6 but you can simplify accordingly it's pretty cool
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    Do I finally have the Aqua look down?

    How's this
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    M$ has surrendered to the Blaster worm

    My friend of mine got the virus and said it took him 5 min to disable it, but i'm pretty sure he lied. He was like, "Hey did you get the virus ....oh that's right you use a Mac." I had a little talk with him, and he's actually considering a Mac for his next computer
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    Help with 10.1.5....hurry Panther!!!!

    I have Spring Cleaning but it kinda do I repair my permissions?
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    Help with 10.1.5....hurry Panther!!!!

    Okay first of all my system has been really slowing down as of late. Every is laging and when I try to put my system to it to sleep it takes like, two minutes bofore it actualy goes to sleep. I know I should be using Jaguar, but now i'm just waiting for Panther. When I initialy fire up my...
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    After Effects Help !!!!!!!!

    Can anyone give me a hint on how to make it appear as your pounding some letters through metal I've have some text in photoshop that looks as if it went through metal but a need to animate it I'm kind of new to After Effects Thanks in Advanced !!!
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    CandyBar icons safe ???

    Has anyone tried CandyBar? Is it safe?? I'm currently using 10.1.5 i'm waiting for panther will 10.1.5 cause any problems I just want to get some better looking icons a little theme going on
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    Take that Adobe!

    I'm sorry my friend I'm no FTP expert but you certainly don't have to render everything in the timeline to see the results of your rough cut there must be a case of operator error(setting your preferences i think will help) working with DV you can see everything in the timeline plus some...
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    Post your desktop!

    Here's mine