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    Hardrive + External Caddy

    Should work, neither is SATA. PATA is same as original ATA, also same as IDE. Ultra ATA 100 means ATA/ATAPI-5, that it is to say transfer mode is UDMA 5 supporting up to 100mb/s transfer speeds. Seagate makes quality drives, by the way. Good choice.
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    HP Photosmart 7550 & Error -9672

    You might want to contact HP: Also, HP printers are notorius for NOT WORKING with Mac OS. THey rarely issue updates for drivers, and these are often not very good to begin with. I would recomend seeing if...
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    Serial modem with Macbook?

    I have used a Belkin USB serial adapter only for an old palm VII, and this did not work very well (i.e., it only worked sometimes.) I would not recomend it because even if the adapter works, a serial modem might not be supported. It is best (probably) to spend the extra 20-30 dollars and get the...
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    I need some help using Windows Media Player on the internet.

    And you might notice that playback works BETTER than using windows media player, even on a PC.
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    Full Screen And Pointing Devices

    I had the same problem on an iMac G4 with Wolfenstein; Enemy Territory, but since I upgraded to a MacBook Pro I no longer have the problem. One thing I did was enter windowed mode and toggle the mouse off and on from within the game. then reentered full screen mode. I don't know if you can do...
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    need to BOOST iPod volume. ideas?

    Even a cheap radio with line-in should sound better than any cassette adapter or FM transmitter.
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    Ipod Nano Linux Help

    Definitely not, and you have to reset your iPod to switch between the the OS's (Apple and Linux). Also, it is not really worth it to watch video with iPod Linux yet: the only format suppported is uncombressed AVI, which takes up as much space as raw DV! It is also a MAJOR pain to convert it to...
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    iPod color calendar

    No, you are missing nothing. Progress in iPod firmware is unfortunately often slower than demand... there are any missing features. The best you can do is select individual calendars.
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    ipod and electrical adapter/converter?

    Spent 3 weeks in Germany during the World Cup... used a Camera Adapter to dump photos onto my iPod from my camera, so frequent charges were a must. The apple USB/wall charger with standard N. American plug is universal, i.e. it switches between 240/120 automatically. Don't waste money on a fancy...
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    Most Unobtrusive Position for Small iTunes Window?

    You can also get iTunes plugins for firefox, such as Foxy Tunes:
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    Sound Quality: Computer Vs. iPod

    The older iPods actually had higher quality components than the newer ones, although it is diubtful that they are better than a computer's. The newer ones will sound better through a line out (via the dock connector). If it's a newer iPod it is most likely a software issue or firmware, not hardware.
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    Apple BT keyboard in windows?

    In Apple's own words: "Are there any Macintosh features that I should not expect to work when running Windows XP on an Intel-based Macintosh computer? Even after installling the Macintosh Drivers CD, the Apple Remote Control (IR), Apple Wireless (Bluetooth) keyboard or mouse, Apple USB Modem...
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    BootCamp installation/setup issues.

    Also, the "enter" button is located to the left of the arrow keys. You might try "slipstreaming" an existing version of Windows XP you have installed on a PC. Try these two websites:
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    Help with running Bootcamp

    Did you open the "Boot Camp Assistant" that automatically installed to the Utilities folder of the Applications folder?
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    Starcraft Problems

    There IS a simple and wonderful answer to your question. Goto blizzard's technical support site and download the OS X native installer. It is located here or you can download it directly from this link. It is a 9.3 MB download, well worth it even on a 56k connection. Hope this solves your problem.