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    Apple iDeas

    I originally thought the same thing, but bluetooth is a short range interconnect, it's more likely that 802.11g would be used over everything else. I believe we're on the same page though, I'd love to see bluetooth pushed forward wherever it can be applied. Adoption of Bluetooth has been dog...
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    Apple iDeas

    I'd like a remote control for my Mac. One that would allow me to select between a limited number of applications such as iTunes, iPhoto and Apple DVD Player. On its small LCD screen you could jog through a song or create a new playlist, create a new album of photos and instruct it to play on the...
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    iTunes, the perfect interface for music services?

    *Bump! I hate to do this... so long after I posted this, but it seems like I may have told you so. I had even forgot that I posted this (a full year ahead of its debut) with such surprising accuracy. I thought it would be cool if the board saw that we are pretty on-target as far as...
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    Former VP Al Gore on Apple board of directors

    I find it hard to believe that the whole "I invented the internet" comment necessarily translates into intelligence. At least we know he's trying to be innovative. I just can't believe this.
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    "Tribute to the Columbia Astronauts"

    It means that though some of the people in which the ideals of space exploration and human advancement are embodied may be gone, the ideas they represented cannot be subjected to destruction and death. So, yes, this does mean that we will continue to explore space, but it also means that any...
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    "Tribute to the Columbia Astronauts"

    Well done Ed. I used that poem too. It took a while for the signifigance of this disaster to set in for me. While it is certainly sad that seven lives were lost, it is infinitely more sad that this will disrupt the overall progress of humanity for perhaps years to come. I agree with Chevy, we...
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    CoolPix Camera - To Buy or Not?

    I'm with THEMACER on this one. Though it may be out of your price range, the Nikon Coolpix 4300's are incredible. Mine is moderately small, has a great battery life, a brilliant flash, easy menus with great options and most imporantly, the shots look great. I would never even think about film...
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    "Why MacWorld must die"

    I agree with Vanguard. As much trouble as Macworld is, and as high as expectations rise, that's the point of it. Apple may encounter difficulties, but I'm sure Steve thinks this is hardly a problem. For both his ego and the image of the company he needs these huge venues. My opinion is that...
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    Chameleon Macs

    I have a few comments: 1. I hate to be the negative one, but there are many people who are more knowlegable in patents than I, and they feel that this is an effort by Apple to corner a new section of the market before it is even created. This patent is is no way indicative that Apple actually...
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    your autobiography

    I'm coming up on eighteen years of age. All of my life, I have lived in a suburb of Albany, NY. I attend a mediocre public high school. I am a mac user for he simple reason that my non computer literate parents put one in front of me at age 5. I am self taught in every aspect, including...
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    Member Ratings

    Try looking through the archives for some documentation of why we don't have this: 1. A burden and unfair assignment for moderators. 2. Creates a preoccupation among new users for "acceptance" 3. Would ultimately lead between arguments of our senior members on whether they are better...
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    Cool cell phones?

    Funny you mention that. I was considering today how stupid it was that a Cell Phone, a mini-computer in and of itself, cannot perform calculations for me.
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    Cool cell phones?

    Ooooh! I forgot to mention, how do you guys feel about an apple branded or apple/sonyericsson cellular phone? Good? Bad? Impossible? I think it would be great, and would thrown down my cash on a moment's notice.
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    Cool cell phones?

    Thanks for the comments guys, it sounds like I really can;t go wrong. Now just to find the money to pay for a new phone....:p