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    /usr/bin/make exists but won't run?

    Have you tried typing the whole path (/usr/bin/make) to see if you can access it that way? It seems odd to me that you wouldn't be able to access it at all, but trying the whole path is worth a shot. I'd seriously recommend an upgrade to the April tools as well, but since Jaguar is so close it...
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    "rm -P" on HFS+

    That's sort of a worst case scenario, but my main aspiration was to offer a free solution to a problem that (after a search on verisontracker) doesn't appear to be one that is easily solved or done so well in many cases. With the case of many text files which could include credit card numbers...
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    "rm -P" on HFS+

    True, but the essential data of the file is gone. This wont be everything (like you said) but the most important part is gone, the rest isn't something that people are extremely likely to need gone.
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    "rm -P" on HFS+

    Hmm, according to the FSF fileutils page you're right. However, shred is listed there as a utility to overwrite files repeatedly and it seems to be working after a quick "sudo apt-get install fileutils" through fink. Of course, there's no recursive flag for it, but there could be ways around...
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    "rm -P" on HFS+

    The -P option when using rm is supposed to overwrite files before they are deleted. The man page, however, has this to say: The -P option assumes that the underlying file system is a fixed-block file system. UFS is a fixed-block file system, LFS is not. In addition, only regular files are...
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    Php/MySQL/Apache problems, too, but different

    This is probably due to a change introduced in PHP 4.2 and later. Things like post, get, server and global variables are now stored in separate arrays. If you have a get variable (in the URL string) named $foo, try accessing it as $_GET[foo] and see what happens. Same goes with a post variable...
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    GUI for Locate command

    Just so you know, there's a program called Locator ( already available that does this, but writing a new one would still be an excellent way to grow accustomed to Cocoa/Objective-C.
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    Domain name registrars: what's the best? looks like a great deal from what I see, but I thought I'd share what I've experienced. I bought my domain for $15/year from which has been excellent so far, although the best deal for domain registrar I'm now aware of is ($9/year). My site itself is hosted...
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    Good text editor for XFree86

    I've been really impressed with the capabilities of XFree86 so far, but there is one thing I don't like. Xedit is just too boring. Does anyone know where I can find binaries or easy to compile source code for an intuitive text editor without any really fancy features?
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    How to shutdown osX UI? (so i can use Xfree86)

    Log out to the OSX login screen. Type ">console" (w/out quotes) as the username and hit return.
  11. Micah L The first edits listed are those for MacOS X. They haven't added my startup string location stuff to that page yet, so if you're interested in learning about how to replace the text strings that fly by when OSX boots up, here are some...
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    overwrite Finder icon... You should find what you need there
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    Problem with Apple's Installer app

    For some reason, whenever I try to use it to install a pkg file, I always get a message saying that the file requires 0 k of disk space, and I can't go any farther. If you need to know, I downloaded the stuff in OS9 (not Classic), since we had some trouble getting online in OSX.
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    Settings take a long time to load

    I just reinstalled, and found that there was a little problem with my network setttings.
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    Settings take a long time to load

    Whenever I try to log in to change settings while I'm in the system prefs window, I get that little spinning circle cursor for 5-15 minutes until the window is opened. Also, when I try to use the Internet, Network, and Date & Tme prefs, the cursor stays like that until I force a quit. Anyone...