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    semi-transparent menu bar

    I guess the GeForce FX 5200 can't cut it huh?
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    semi-transparent menu bar

    how does one make the menu bar in leopard semi-transparent? It seems the sample pics at suggest it is possible to do so thanks Mike
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    The new iMac, HOLY COW

    does anyone know if they have backlight LED or still on flourescent bulbs?
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    website hacked by SegmentationFault

    no, I am not interested in breaking into websites. I want to know how they break into them so I can find a solution to stop them. It looks like it might be a frontpage exploit or something
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    website hacked by SegmentationFault

    umm...thanks for the info, but it has nothing to do with memory...I just want to know if anyone know about the so called SegmentationFault group or whatever, especially how they break into the site...
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    website hacked by SegmentationFault

    does anyone know about "SegmentationFault" hacking into websites and overwriting index.html, default.htm files?
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    flush/refresh dns cache on freebsd/linux

    hello, how does one flush/refresh the dns settings on freebsd/linux. I only know the flushdns on windows 2000 pro.
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    Greetings and questions

    phpBBS2 is free
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    /sbin/getty in CentOS

    hello, I know this is a Mac OS X site, I am asking any Linux or UNIX gurus here for help so bear with me on this one. I recently installed CentOS 4.2. I tried installing a network based terminal (Axel Platine Terminal) using tty connection protocol after editing the /etc/inittab file...
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    I can't make UserDir in Apache 2.2.0 to work

    Hello, I have installed Apache 2.2.0 using darwinports. I am having trouble enabling UserDir to work for example: this link: http://localhost/~mkwan/ shows me 403 forbidden message..... I have tried enter the line below in the httpd.conf file <IfModule userdir_module> UserDir...
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    Compile software under MacOSX

    did you make the .hh files? I recognize the code for c++ classes programming....looks like there are a bunch of syntax errors in some of the files listed. It tells you what file at what line the compiler is having problems with
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    database and website

    is $100 per hour too little....?
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    database and website

    I charge $25 per hour... :D
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    Hard Drive Size recognition?

    ok, just seems weird it needs 9 GB for volume bit map and other information. I calculated the conversion from decimal to binary notation and I got 111 GB thank you all for your help
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    Hard Drive Size recognition?

    I bought a 120GB Seagate HD. The OS recognizes the size to be 111GB. What happened to 7 or 8 GB of HD space?