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    Fast Web Browser for 8.6?

    try opera or icab! icab is a little browser, but you can change many settings! try if it would be the images, to turn them of in the browser! that might help rendering your web pages faster!
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    Floppy in OS X

    Hi, I've recently bought a pocketdrive, which i use on both pc and mac. This drive is formatted as "fat 32" in os9 it sees the drive perfect, but in osx it says it's unreadable. Anyone any help for this? Thanks
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    Is this a bug?

    well, I only can say, this little bug doesn't happen to me! so maybe it's a bad configuration, or some conflicts with another program. neo
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    5G48 - nice

    Hi, could you tell which site? :rolleyes: just a question.
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    Anyone try netscape 6.1 yet ?

    Hi, Well so far i tried it works very good, both on my G4 and on my ibook. I'm glad it supports css better.:) It should only start a little faster up:p
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    USB trouble

    hi, Try this It might work:)
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    print center crash

    Hi, Try disconnecting all usb-plugs out any usb-hub that you have(except mouse and keyboard) That solved the problem with me;) Good luck!
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    Startup problem

    Hi, Have you already tried resetting the p-ram? That could be a great help. If that doesn't work try reinstalling osx, don't worry it will only install anything changed or missing in the system.(that's what I heard:D)
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    Can't open just one

    Well I didn't count them but as you can see on the picture it's quite some and I could open still more. Even dragthing could't follow anymore. :( Only 1 frame with Itunes. In the dock you can see how much mem it takes, well I've got still a little 500 megs of ram over for other apps;) .
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    disk utility weirdness

    Hello, I've got the same problem like you but even try to boot in single usermode and running fsck didn't work, maybe it might for you; You restart your computer during startup press apple+s , wait and type in fsck -y that should fix "normally" all the problems. It didn't for me but ...
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    iBook firmware update help

    Try to disk doctor the disk or partition with osx, Do you see in os9.1 the 256 megs that you've added, because the firmware update 4.1.7 will make some ram unreadable if it's third party ram which was not good programmed.(if your FW is 2.4 it should be OK) Hope you got something with this neo
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    IE and StuffIt

    Hi, What if you delete the helpers, the next time you download for example a .sit file it might ask you with which program to use it. Maybe a try worth My proxie setting just work fine, so I wouldn't know what the problem would be. neo
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    Print center failes to open

    Well, I have a epson stylus 3000 usb, and a laserprinter 16/600ps which is connected via the hub to the airport basestation. I'll try it once again, with the epson pluged in and working. neo
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    IE and StuffIt

    I've got the same problem ,but I guess that if you go into the "prefs" of IE and put all the links with stuffit within "file helpers" away. And then goto stuffit(macosx) and select in the prefs all filetypes; it might work out. neo
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    Print center failes to open

    When I try to select a new printer it opens print center, but then it unexspectedly quit. I tried reinstalling the system, again and again it still doesn't work. Has anyone got the same problem? Thanx Neo