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    The update has been great for me as my biggest problem is resolved. The update fixed an issue with gizmocall (the flash plugin used from a browser rather than the standalone application) which is flash based. The flash plugin couldn't see any input or output devices. Now it sees both the...
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    I bought Applecare on my first iBook about 18 months after I had originally purchased it. One day I got a phone call from Apple. They wanted to sell me Applecare on a desktop G4 I had purchased about 11 months earlier. I said I didn't want Applecare for the desktop, but asked if I could...
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    New Mac Book

    I used to think I would always need an optical drive. Occasionally I still do, but I do like the concept of having it separate for just when I need it. Whatever Apple does, I hope they do it soon as I'm probably buying a new MacBook in November to replace my 4 year old iBook.
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    30th Anniversary Guessing Comp!

    And what happens to the e-mail account and t-shirt if nothing is announced?
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    Importing Songs :confused:

    Sounds like it may be an issue with the CD. Have you tried another one? I have had issues with particular CD's, but it never took me an hour to import a reasonably good (i.e. not too marked up/scratched) up CD, even on my iBook G3. Another thing is to check and see if it has any sort of copy...
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    Apple stock grow, grow, grow...

    I got in at $18-ish 2.5 years ago. Unfortunately, it was more of a token investment as I only bought ten shares, just to say I had some Apple stock and could sound authoritative on these boards about rumours and all ::ha:: If, as some have predicted, it gets closer to $100, I may sell...
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    Apple stock

    I bought 10 shares almost two years ago. Obviously, with only 10 shares I did it more to show my solidarity with Apple than to add a lot to my portfolio, but if I were to sell now, I would be up $10 a share, not a bad return. If it does get to $50 or $60, I'd probably sell and take the money...
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    How we listen/buy our music

    Most of my music is now bought via iTunes or through eMusic. For those with a strong interest in indie labels, it's awesome. They are just adding Thrill Jockey stuff which is a great label. Also have extensive classical recordings, and an amazing blues selection. Anyway, in the first 6...
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    HOT: change partition sizes without erasing disc

    Not having an actual income limits my purchasing power, but if I did have $50 I'd pick this up (assuming it works). I'm a Linux dabbler, but most of the time I stick with good ole OS X. However, it'd be great to create and blow away partitions on a whim. As it stands now I need to back up...
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    Need songs not available on Apple Music Store

    I think that it is important to remember that the laws of the U.S. are not the laws of the world. Nor are the laws of France, Haiti, South Africa, etc. the laws of the world. I'm not denying that ********.com is (in all likelyhood) illegal to use in the U.S., but that does not mean that it is...
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    New Sony Walkmen vs. iPod

    You do have to register though. I don't like the NYTimes, as I don't like my news to be fabricated, but I can say honestly they don't spam you, so it's worth registering for the occasions like this.
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    Microsoft’s Xbox 2 iPod killer?

    The Gamecube is a close third in the U.S., but is nos. two in Japan and possibly nos. 2 in Europe as well. In Japan the Cube is preferred (so I've read) because it's smaller and is Nintendo. As long as Nintendo is making enough money (GBA) I don't care what their marketshare is. All I need is...
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    Apple refuses French MP3 tax

    Uroba, I don't think that Apple charges more for their products in Europe by choice. As stated in previous posts, most of the European resellers include taxes in the price. The price reads 40 euros, you pay 40 euros. Here the price reads $1499 for an iBook, I'm paying $1618.99. That's based...
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    The Full Story

    I'm like Karavite. Besides my cousin whom has a MS in CS/Robotics, I'm the only one in the family with much computer knowledge. I only let my family buy Macs. If they buy something else, I tell them they can get their own help. My mom has enough stupid questions with the Mac, I can't imagine...
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    Bill O'Reilly

    I love the O'reilly Factor. I'm admittedly a right wing guy, but O'reilly is truly independent. If you watch the last segment every night of viewer mail, he gets it from the lefties for being too far right and the righties for being too far left, often on the same story. This tells me he must...