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School should start at 10:00 and end at 10:05. :D

(A stupid idea)


I just have ONE more important test!! Then it's just 2 lazy weeks until vacation! I got my grades today... not bad... in fact they where exactly the same as the winter grades:p I'm starting on a new school after the summer (this is my 9th year on school) next year I'm going to what you guys call high school i think... Some weeks ago I were able to choose between some different schools with different...uh.. directions and i really hope I get into the school I want !


Got xoot?
Go you!

For my summer vacation, i'm gonna be posting here. :D



Dial up may bite, but being without is worse. My roommate turned off the phone in our old place today, and we still didn't have phone access in our new place until about an hour ago.

For anyone that cares, I'll be offline for a few days while we're busy moving. If anyone wants to come help they're welcome to do so. :)



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well, i would help you move, but since you didn't come help me with the backyard I think i must have something else to do ..like watch the roses bloom or the fish sleep:D

just thinking about moving makes me agitated these days. my last move was way too stressful and all but one of my friends flaked out on helping me. so if you see me going off on senseless rants in other threads in the next little bit, blame it on my being reminded of moving:mad: :p


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For the summer, but I am going back to school in a month! :(

But I'll be studying for my Master's in Australia, so it's cool. :D

But it's winter in Australia, so that *****. :(

Wow! I am having major mood swings! HAHA! :D


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This is weird:

Herve's Bar & Grill is now mostly never on top of the thread list. Why? Is it because the other threads provide you with more entertainment? Let's not forget about the B & G, which has been here longer than any of these new threads.

Do you get my point? :D


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xoot, my friend, all bars get quiet from time to time. And then they get busy again. In some respects it's a good thing that Herve's is quiet, because it means that people are posting about other stuff - bear in mind that this is the place you stop to recharge your batteries after a hard days night posting answers to other people's queries, or posting your own queries. If Herve's was the busiest thread then something would be VERY wrong with the rest of the community. Is that an empty glass I see? Same again?


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I really dislike my horrible english teacher:

•She gave me a B+(which isn't bad) although she put NO corrections on it to tell me what I did wrong, so why didn't I get an A+?

•She gives us some work, specifically says it will not be counted as a grade, and the next day she says it WILL count as a grade

•The mentioned assignment was on Sentence structure, whcih none of us have learned yet. She is just now (This week) teaching it to us, and our entire final exam will be on it.

{I just had to get that out}


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Originally posted by xaqintosh
I really dislike my horrible english teacher:

•She gave me a B+(which isn't bad) although she put NO corrections on it to tell me what I did wrong, so why didn't I get an A+?
That's one of the lamest things a teacher can do. What the h*ll is the point of giving you an assignment if she won't tell you what you did wrong when you're done? Moronic. You should ask her what you did wrong. Maybe she'll get the hint.

-the valrus


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No, I post insanely, not in rows like that. That's not insane. Insane is many posts bunched up inside a thread. :D

I am almost at 1000! :p