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    DVD Unlocker (region free)

    VLC used to be delightfully unaware of region codes. Hasn't been that way for a while. DVD Unlocker? I suspect they're selling what anyone can get for free at
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    Trouble making a backup copy of iWork '08

    You shouldn't even need Toast. Make a disk image in Disk Utility, mount the image, and burn it. I always keep images of install discs on my "files" HD. But only after proving that they'll work.
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    Problem reading JPG's on Windows Machine

    Yup. A Mac file on a peecee disk will show up on the peecee as two files with the same name. The file with a "." (period) prefix is for metadata. In Mac OSX a period prefix makes a file invisible. Just import the files that don't have a "." prefrix.
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    Unable to trash empty folders by any means

    Folk have had good luck with Trashit: I mostly use TinkerTool System (€7) from Hope this helps.
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    OS9 with Tiger

    John, before you go too far, you should check to see if your iMac will boot into OS9. This is NOT the same as invoking Classic wthin OSX. You might also google Myst and OS9 (maybe even X) and see whether Myst is Classic-compatible.
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    HELP! External Hard Drive Advice Needed!

    You don't need anything special. The drive comes with AC adapter and FW/USB cables. I believe your AlBook can handle FW400/800 and USB-2 connections. Choose a connection. If the drive has only FW400 ports, connect via USB-2 (It's faster). Plug and play. It'll probably show up on your desktop...
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    mute speekers when headset is plugd in

    Use the front audio-out for both speakers and headphone. 1. Ensures you use only one at a time. 2. Precludes needing to reach around back.
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    Lost alot of space on HD

    Down the freebie TinkerTool and tell it to show invisible and system files. I suspect you'll see a biggie or two that way.
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    mute speekers when headset is plugd in

    It's a feature. Plugging something into an audio-out port only mutes the internal speakers.
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    Old G3 won't talk to old printer

    I trust you have the modem in the bottom (serial) port. The upper port can be either serial or localtalk. The bottom cannot be used for localtalk.
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    mp3 player

    Not as seamlessly as an iPod. And certainly no iTunes integration. You'd have to treat the MP3 player as a removeable hard drive and drag the music from your HD to the player. Depending on the player, that might or might not screw up its own file system. Try googling it and see if there are...
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    RAM is bad, but how do I prove it?

    Rember (Memtest X) is considered the gold standard for testing memory. It found a bad stick in Leslye's refurb G5 from Apple that neither Hardware Test nor TechTool Pro could. Get it here: Printing the Rember report was all the proof needed to get...
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    Old G3 won't talk to old printer

    I sit corrected, Me. I relied on MacTracker, which lists "2 serial ports." I just looked at the G3 manual from Apple's site and the ports are as you describe. I dropped Ian a note about that little bit of confusion on my part.
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    Old G3 won't talk to old printer

    It won't show up in an AppleTalk zone. That's for ethernet. Even the earliest G3 lacks a LocalTalk port. What are you trying to plug the LocalTalk line into? The G3 and the NTR have serial ports. Try connecting that way.
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    The DTOX message refers to the space available on your DVD. It has nothing to do with your HD. I suspect DTOX is seeing a purposefully spurious DVD size in the MTR output. Sony/Disney DVDs are famous for that. Look at the "movie only" option. Do you have a few titles showing that are humongous...