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    Safari Unable to log into secure websites

    i have had this problem since the first beta release. I am unable to log into or even load websites that require secure connections (https). They just never load and time out, now this only happens at work, where we have a proxy/firewall. I work at a University and they have a proxy that all...
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    The iChatAV Startlers' Community

    Did you say something about Micro$oft using proprietary protocols for their software?? no not micro$oft, it cant be, why would they do that. HAHAHAHA
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    The Beatles/Apple....

    i thought they changed because they bought ECW
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    .avi files etc. downloading movies

    and remember, when you download illegal copies of movies your taking money away from poor starving actors and poor starving film industry CEO's :(
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    .avi files etc. downloading movies

    Dont bother with Mplayer or divx codec for QT they all suck, VideoLanClient (VLC) is your best option, it can handle video encoded in all formats of divx including xvid n 3vix it also can read vob files and .bin files
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    Apple Music Store Ads

    they do make a little more sence now since they where edited, but i still think they are dumb i change the channel right away when i see one on tv
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    Library sharing in iTunes 4... OVER THE INTERNET.

    im having problems accesing other people shared music, im in a university so we have a proxy , but i also cant acces shared music within my intranet. i can see the shared music but when i try n connect it will display loading "username" but then just take me back to my library
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    Apple Music Store Ads

    i hope apple isnt thinking on putting those comercials on TV, the only thing those comercial are good for is laughing ur @$$ off or making you loose your lunch.
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    Compatible DVR Drive for OS9 ??

    i have a dual 533g4 and im looking for a compatible internal dvd-rw drive to replace the builtin sony cdrw, i need it to be compatible with os9 so i can still burn from the finder and not have to use a 3rd party app like toast.
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    Chappelle's Switch Parody your ganna need real one
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    Phillips copies iPod Interface

    did anyone sign up for their beta test ?
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    Vlc 0.5.2

    This new vesion rox it plays divx,xvid,mpeg2 all formats . Its much stabler than previews versions.
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    Mozilla defends itself against Safari

    the latest version of camino is faster and more stable than safari for me, the only problems i have with camino is that it sometimes gets very unstable when i have over 6 tabs on one window, after 6 or 7 tabs it gets slow and will crash. Safari is faster thatn IE but not as stable specially on...
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    Another new iPod accessary - amp pack

    199 is kinda high but its still cool and if i had the money id get one.