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    Web Clip for Tiger?

    Hi! Does anyone know of anything that can provide web clip-like functionality for Tiger? (10.4.11) I'm hoping to grab sections of various web sites and display them in one place - it doesn't necessarily have to be the dashboard... Ged
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    iphone gen 2.. what have the fixed?

    I'd agree with Natobasso - the lack of MMS support is a big turn-off for me... Has anyone managed to get the iPhone to send and receive MMS messages successfully? I saw the link, which suggested that there might be difficulties with the...
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    For 2008, I wish that Apple...

    Just like that... But maybe not so expensive? And without the hefty shipping all the way to England. Good find!
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    For 2008, I wish that Apple...

    Ok, so it's a bit late, but for 2008, I wish that Apple makes a pink version of the iBook/iMac. Now, I should point out, I wouldn't buy a pink computer, but I can think of quite a few girls I know who would be swayed by the colour of their computers. For example - my girlfriend, who recently...
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    Why does Finder SUCK???

    As far as this point goes, sometimes its really useful to have different windows open with different views. Perhaps a better solution would be to change all finder windows by [option]-clicking to change the view?
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    user picture file lost after system update

    Hi! Ive recently updated my computer from OS 10.3.9 to Tiger, and completely wiped my hard disk to do so. I made a complete backup of all my files, onto a bunch of DVDs. However, when I came to set up my new (and swish, and fast) system, I found that Ive gone and lost my user picture, and...
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    1.0 Release Candidate 1: Bug Reporting

    Its pretty minor, but in the application menu, the application is reffered to as '' - should that just read Help? (OS X 10.3.9)
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    Apps hard to find

    It might just be me, but I just spent 10 minutes trying to find out where to download the support application - its really cryptically hidden! Could you add a new link somewhere prominant, like all the links at the top of the page (Main | Blog...) maybe? Ged
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    mod_mono and apache

    Hi! I just tried to install mod_mono onto my Mac, so that I can develop ASP.NET web pages on it, without having to test the files on my server. However, when I try to open the test pages that came with the installer, I get a 503 error from apache (Error 503 - Service Temporarily Unavailable)...
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    Longhorn Vista Pics & Movie

    As was said - there didnt seem to be anything all that different from XP sp2 in those screenshots. I guess there must be something other than just visual/eye chandy changes behind the whole thing? TBH I dunno what Id want it to do extra... Exposé features would be a godsend for windows users...
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    Can Apple Give a Straight Answer?

    I hate to advocate turning off your mac, rather than sleeping it, but it does use less power when asleep. Yes, I know its only a couple of watts (I think i read somewhere that a FlatScreen iMac uses ~5W when asleep, ~3 when 'off'), but over the course of the year, it all adds up. Why should this...
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    (small) bug in OS X.3.8 Finder

    Ive just been prepairing to burn a dvd with a very long name. When I pressed 'Burn', I noticed that in the alert box that came up, the line "This disc will be usable on any Mac or PC" was chopped off... I know its not major, but has this been fixed in later OS's? Ged3000
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    MSN Messenger 5

    Id love adium and fire if they worked through http proxies. Im at uni, staying in halls, so Ive gotta go through a http proxy to connect to the internet. As far as I know, my only choice is MSN 4... Id love some of the newer features of MSN 7 PC though... Its annoying that M$oft dont code...
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    Bullring Apple Store (Birmingham, UK) - Opens 29/4/05

    Coming from Newcastle, UK, Id say that Birmingham is pretty far south! But then, to me, everywhere south of the Tyne is south (ie most of England :)). Itd be nice to have more Apple stores UK (and Europe, and world) wide....
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    Bluetooth keyboard and mouse

    I have a friend who uses Microsofts wireless keyboard and mouse on a wintel pc He finds that if you put them too close together, or put the keyboard between the reciever and the mouse, then the mouse stops working correctly...