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    copy dvd film to my ipod

    If it has any kind of copy protection you might have to rip the DVD first with Mactheripper, then use Handbrake's iPod preset to convert the vob files to mpeg.
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    Panasonic NV-GS150 DV Camera MAC OSX 10.5 Support

    Doesn't iMovie recognise the camera? It can usually import video direct from most video cameras without a problem. Panasonic usually supply a Mac program called Imagemixer 3 for Panasonic which can import movies from a DV camera (they use the .VRO format, I think), convert to mpeg and do a...
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    Disk Warrior on iPod

    It's called DasBoot:
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    Tiger not updating

    Could be a problem with the hard drive - possibly a directory error? I remember getting a similar message during an update on a PPC MacMini a while back. I ran Diskwarrior, checked permissions and rebuilt the directory. After that everything was fine. Mac Pro 2.66 4 Gb RAM
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    Safari 3.0.3 Shutdown/restart question

    I like everything about the Safari 3 beta except the fact that when I want to shutdown or restart the computer with Safari open, a dialogue box pops up asking me if I'm sure I want to quit Safari, threatening to cancel my previous command. It's really irritating, making a two stage...
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    Lacie DVD Dual Layer Drive/Writer

    These are probably what you need: LaCie DVD Update Tool 1.4.1 LaCie DiscRecording Support 1.25 for Mac OS X 10.3.2 or later
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    DVD-RAM question

    Is it possible to record a video to a DVD-RAM disc from a Mac to play on a Panasonic DVD player/recorder? I bought some software (Readdvd!) that lets my Mac Pro read DVD-RAM discs that were recorded on the Panasonic, and I can convert the resulting .VRO files to MPEG using the free MPEG...
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    mac talk to vista please....

    "plugged in an ethernet cable end to end" Are you using an ethernet crossover cable? If you connect direct computer to computer (rather than via a router) you need a crossover rather than a regular ethernet cable. Did you click 'Windows Sharing' and 'Personal File Sharing' in the Sharing...
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    Safari not playing .wmv and .wma files

    Annoying isn't it? Flip4Mac (a free browser plug-in) can help you play .wmv files in Quicktime: But my experience is that it only works on some websites. Windows Media Player for Mac ios no longer supported and...
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    Dead Mac Pro

    If you have Diskwarrior 4 I would try booting your Mac Pro up on the CD and rebuild the directory and repair permissions. Diskwarrior has saved me many a time. I had no end of problems trying to instal XP on the second HD of my Mac Pro 266, finally just giving up and erasing it completely and...
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    Editing Consumer-recorded DVDs on Mac

    Whether you use XP or EP recording shouldn't matter, it'll just reduce the video quality. If you plan to import as DVD format you'll need something like Mactheripper (a free program) to transfer it as a Video TS folder (mostly .vob files) to your Powerbook's hard drive. To edit you'll need to...
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    installed new ram and now it wont boot

    I hate to ask this question as it seems so obvious, but did you seat the RAM modules(s) securely? Particularly when putting RAM into a laptop, I'm often reluctant to push it in with the strength that is sometime necessary to get Ram modules in properly.
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    Problem With DVD Burner

    Is it an internal or external drive? What brand? I had something similar with an external LaCie firewire drive I bought on ebay (NEC mechanism), and solved it by updating the drive's firmware. As I remember I had to do this via a Windows PC as I couldn't find a Mac version of the firmware.
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    Internal DVD burner for G4

    If you're in the UK I would recommend a Pioneer DVR-111D. Available at a bargain £19.99 from SVP: And yes, pretty much any DVD-R will work via Toast, though the Pioneer has system support (i.e. it'll burn through iTunes, iDVD, etc.). You could go for the...
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    Cookie Removal

    On Safari Menu bar open Preferences, Security, Show Cookies. You can delete them individually or collectively.