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    Viruses On Os X

    AFIK the only way your Mac can become infected is with the complicity of the user who must provide the password for the installation. The most common sources of malware are pornographic sites that suggest you download and install new or updated codecs or software to "better view the site" or...
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    Apple Safari Feedback?

    Granted there seems some inconsistency here, but it appears the feedback is organized around the responsible development team. Given Safari uses libraries that are deeply embedded in OS X and shared by other "standard" apps such as Mail. Many Safari "fixes" would have a material impact on other...
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    Apple Safari Feedback?

    You might have noticed while you were there there is no independent feedback link of any of the standard OS X applications such as Mail, iCal, Addressbook, and Safari. Those are are considered part and parcel of the operating system itself and you can leave your comments here.
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    Airport Extreme cannot find server

    To change the DNS settings on your AEBS... Launch Airport Utility (the current version is 5.4.2) Select your AEBS Click on the "Manual Setup" button at the bottom left of the Airport Utility window On the Airport Utility toolbar click on the Internet icon Where you see DSN Server(s) enter...
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    Setting Default Application

    Select any file with the .php extension then press Command+I to open the Get Info window. About 2/3 of the way down the window you will see Open With. Select BBEdit in that drop down menu then directly below that click on the button labeled "Change All..." That's all there is to it.
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    replacing pics in Keynote

    AFIK there is no mechanism in Keynote for linked objects of any kind. However, given the problems I have had in the past with linked objects in PowerPoint I have never missed them because I never use them.
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    Being overrun by duplicate emails

    I don't know why you are receiving the duplicate messages but MacPilot has a setting to turn on Mail's built in "Avoid receiving duplicate messages" feature that works well and should solve your problem. I only recently discovered MacPilot, but it is rapidly reaching the status of a "must have"...
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    Lines on screen

    It sounds as if either the video card or possibly your monitor is failing. If you have the Apple Hardware Test that came with your Mac try booting that and running the extended test suite and be sure to run the video test for at least five complete cycles or until an error is reported.
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    can't empty trash

    Have you tried the suggestions in this Apple Knowledge Base article?
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    error problem

    Exactly what is the error message you are receiving. The specific wording is important.
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    I am unable to open a ".sea" file.

    You are mistaken. Attempting to directly open the file with Stuffit Expander would override the Open With setting. As has been alluded to .sea files are old Stuffit technology and do not work on any Mac with an Intel processor. I don't remember for sure if they will work with OS X or not but I...
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    Keychain problems

    Look in the user's home folder /Library/Keychains and see if there is a file named login.keychain. If not then your friend has somehow managed to delete the login keychain. If so, it can be recreated by opening Keychain Access then on the menu bar selecting "File > New keychain..." The new...
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    Acrobat and Flash Player for 10.3.9

    You will find both on the Adobe web site. Flash Player is here and Adobe Reader is here. Click where it says "Different language or operating system" then on the next screen in the "Select Operating System" menu choose the version you need.
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    Transferring files from G4 to G5

    Just one caution. Be sure and check the volume structure of both the source and target drives before migrating the files. Migrating from or to a damaged volume can really mess things up.
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    .wrp extension

    If you will do a search for amiga on VersionTracker you will find four or five Amiga emulators that will run on the Mac. It is likely one or all of those will be able to unpack the .wrp file.