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    RealNetworks Seeks a Musical Alliance With Apple

    The thing I found odd about Real's proposal is that they will make iPod the player of choice for their music store. The thing is, how can they not? If they use FairPlay, iPod is the ONLY music player on the market that supports it. So this would mean two things, 1) Real will offer two versions...
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    Napster's fading... fast

    Don't forget that after Steve did forgo hardware control when he was running NeXT. After all, NeXTSTEP (later OpenStep) was created to run on multiple platforms. I think Steve has learned, and will probably open up and license Apple technologies when it makes sense. The old Apple's "not...
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    Safari Wishlist

    I wish there is an option to print the url of the web page being printed. Or is this possible already? I sometimes print information from web pages but not bookmark them, and when I want to revisit the page again, I have to do some pretty hefty Google searches. -B
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    Copy Protected CD works in Mac OS X Panther

    That's so weird! I was just listening to that song from the Ministry of Sound's 2004 Annual I bought in Australia! It's nice to hear that OS X can play the CD without copy protection software. -B
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    WMA better than AAC?

    One thing I think Apple should've done with iPod and AAC from the beginning is to play up Dolby's connection with AAC. Advanced Audio Codec (AAC) is basically Dolby's technology. Since Dolby has tremendous name recognition among the general public, by touting the AAC-Dolby connection, most...
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    OSX PDA/Phone?

    That's a lot of speculation in a couple of articles. I would love Apple to re-release a PDA style device, but I don't believe it's going to happen soon. There are the usual arguments, such as market saturation and general decline of the PDA market itself, but other factors make the article's...
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    Linux now surpasses Mac OS in terms of market-share... Apparently Linux now surpasses Mac OS in terms of market-share. I don't think this means anything major really, and since OS X is basically a *NIX variant, I think it's a good thing. But it is still interesting. -B
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    Source Code Leaked? [Windows]

    Hi Trillian, What OS did MS buy out to create NT with? It was my understanding that NT was written from scratch, with much input from Digital Equipment Corporation. In fact, the project leader for NT was David Cutler - who created VMS at DEC. I'd love to know what OS NT was based on...
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    The Beatles/Apple....

    I thought Apple settled the whole "we won't get into music" issue with the lawsuit brought on by Apple Music when Apple Computer released the Midi interface for the original Macs. After all, that's where the "Sosumi" sound effects came from... -B
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    need help in deciding my next laptop

    Sorry, I don't have AirPort on my TiBook.
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    15 inch Powerbook durability...?

    I think Apple indeed fixed the paint flaking problem. I've had my TiBook for 8 months now, and the paint is still fine. I do have one scratch - and that's because I banged it on accident! I am generally pretty rough with my laptop - being a student and all. I often carry it in my backpack and...
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    ATI or GeForce ?

    The Radeon 9700 Pro is definitely the best video card out there right now. All benchmarks I've read so far shows that the GeForce FX, when it arrives will be faster than the 9700 Pro in some tasks (but not all). The FX will be competitive. Its main advantage seems to be its faster clocked GPU...
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    need help in deciding my next laptop

    No warping or flaking here. I am pretty rough on my TiBook because I am in school. I constant ly carry it in my backpack (it does have a laptop compartment). The only paint that has chipped of is because I bumped it at the corner a few times (bumped it hard enough to make my heart skip a beat)...
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    Whooopieeee - a glorified iBook

    Just pointing out that Quartz Extreme doesn't accelerate the drawing of the content of windows. QE is accelerated composition of windows. So to actually draw the content of the windows into memory, the CPU is still being used (OS X does not use the GPU to do this). So if you have a G4, that...
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    New Mac = Rip off

    Not to start a consipracy theory or what not, but I wonder if the 1 GHz machines were suppose to have 2 processors? I saw this on's specs for the 1GHz machine regarding the L3 cache... If there are only 1 processor, what's with the "per...