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    They yep was to the upgrade to Linotype 1.2.3 it fixed the problem. A few people on creativebits, apple, and linotype disscussion boards had the same exact thing running Linotype. I stopped running FontExplorer and it worked fine Really amazing those developers at Linotype, not even a day...
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    Anyone else having a problem running CS3 with Linotype running? Also my Dock "crashes" when i try any other view other than List View. Ran the Combo updater twice.
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    Top student applications?

    I just found out about these 2 apps that will help keep the school work organized: Schoolhouse and iProcrastinate
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    Leopard 'Spring 2007'..!

    Tiger i think was more impresive that Panther...and thats why I was an early adopter of it. Leopard looks cool and all that, but TimeMachine i really dont have a use for on a laptop, and Spaces is cool, but I can live without it. If I were to have a Mac Desktop, either a Mini, iMac or Mac...
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    Leopard Specs leaked?

    if these rumors are true, its gonna take a lot of work for me to stop buying an Intel Mac Desktop come December
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    Mac Vs. PC

    I dont know where this should be, but i thought this would be a funny story to tell. This one girl at one of my jobs at the Supermarket, asked if i had an iPod and i was like yeah, and I'm probably the only person in this store that uses a Mac as well. her response "no cause I have an iPod...
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    Metallica caves into iTunes

    Money Good. Napster Bad. I hate Metaliica, whiney little bastards about somebody copying their crappy music.
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    Keep the formating the same, and check your grammar. the 2nd girl from the right looks either drunk or stoned.
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    Kitten vs Front Row

    the kitten was declawed, you can tell by no marks being left on the screen. My cat did stuff like that when he was a kitten chasing my mouse cursor around on my desktop
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    Dead Man's Chest: Spoilers

    Well before I knew it was Davy Jones i thought it was Cthulhu, cause he certainly has the look of Cthulhu. Hasnt seen it...yet
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    Advice on DVD camcorders

    from what i've not get one that writes directly to a DVD, the best ones to get are MiniDV ones w/ Firewire ports so this way you can edit your movies using your mac and then burn it to a DVD that way. the DVD's that those camcorders use are more expensive than the regular DVDs you...
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    Does anyone know any more on the Apple cameo on PS3 website?

    dunno...dont think i can run shake on my PB... anyone willin to loan me the cash for a 17" MBP? or Mac Pro (when they come out)
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    Does anyone know any more on the Apple cameo on PS3 website?

    from what i've heard its from a demo of Shake 4.1 and by my guess its just Sony is too cheap to pay for the full version of it without that watermark appearing
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    Setting up a network