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    Mac Keeps Crashing

    Ram can go bad. Given the fact your Mac is Intel and it's running Leopard, it could still be under warranty. Any Apple Store or service provider nearby? Otherwise, you could find a local member of the Apple Consultants Network to help you -
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    Outlook 2007 shared folders in Apple Mail

    If the folders are shared directly from Outlook, and not from an Exchange Server, you're out of luck. Otherwise, Entourage is your only real bet - the most recent versions give you good access to Exchange Server public folders.
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    You need the Flash Player to view these videos. Perhaps you need to re-install it. Download it from Adobe's website and it should fix your issue.
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    This would suggest a filesystem issue - as I believe that the clipboard is saved as a file as well as in memory. I'd 1) repair permissions 2) run a utility like Disk Warrior 3) Clean install
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    Tv Tuner

    EyeTV Hybrid
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    EyeTV not opening since computer crashed

    This might sound basic, but have you removed all traces of EyeTV before reinstalling?
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    serious slowdown or freezing

    You might try my utility, Mac HelpMate, to give your Mac a thorough cleaning - but you should also check from non-Apple launchdaemons or startupitems (/Library/LaunchDaemons or /Library/StartupItems) as well as any crontab entries that might be triggering a script every five minutes or so.
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    Gray Screen - No Apple, No Spinning Gear, No Fun

    This is certainly a hard disk or hard disk controller issue. I'd try to boot off of another drive to see if the hard drive will even show up as an option - the installer disk should do the trick, but it it's under warranty, a trip to a service center is probably in the cards for you.
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    New Agp Graphics Card-old Out?

    From what I recall, you need a hardware Mod to make a Radeon 9600 work in a G4 - but if it works, the built-in drivers should work fine.
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    Java Console Won't Launch

    That version of Java isn't Mac compatible. Download the latest Java update from for your version of Mac OS X.
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    Leopard Mail Messages Not Included in Spotlight Searches

    You might need to rebuild your entire Spotlight database. My utility, Mac HelpMate, has a feature to rebuild the Spotlight Index. Just keep in mind it could take some time - perhaps as long as several hours.
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    folder turned into a file

    Oooh, you might have been bitten by the well-know Mac OS X bug where you can clobber a folder with a file of the same name. However, if you're lucky, you might have accidentally added an extension onto the file that makes the Finder think it's a bundle or some other type of resource. "Get info"...
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    Not able to delete some (2) mails

    Sometimes it's helpful to use the webmail program from your ISP when your binary client doesn't work.
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    You'll need to get some sort of usenet reader. Head on over to and look for one. Then you'll have to choose a usenet server. There's not a whole lot going on there--it used to be a happening place a dozen years ago.
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    Using GDI printer on with Mac OS X

    Most GDI printers work with the Gimp-Print drivers included with Mac OS X. You just have to find out which one is closest to the Dell.