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    Apple TV and AirPort Express

    So... I've read that you can hook up a hard drive to the new Airport base station which is excellent for me becuase my main computer is a laptop and I hate always having to hook up an external drive to it. My question is... if I have my iTunes data folder saved on that external drive, will...
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    New Mail at .mac

    Spam filtering was the first thing I looked for... I get so much with both .mac and gmail, but I don't even notice it with gmail because none of it ever makes it to my inbox. Hopefully they'll add it eventually
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    Shockwave in Mozilla?

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    iSync Problem

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    I'm having the same issue, but I was able to resolve it on my PC. On the PC (using WinXP) you have select the "Networking" tab in the connection properties box. When you're there select "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)" and hit the "Properties" button. Once you're there hit the "Advanced..."...
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    iDVD/DVD Studio Pro Compatible External Drive

    That sounds like a really interesting solution but I'm not sure how well that would work on my Powerbook :) I would be interested in seeing some more photos of how you did, just for fun.
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    iDVD/DVD Studio Pro Compatible External Drive

    I’d like to get an external Firewire DVD Burner that is compatible with iDVD and/or DVD Studio Pro. I’m thinking of getting this Plextor drive but I can’t tell if it’ll work. Does anyone know if this drive or any other external drive is...
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    Wireless signal boost

    I have a TiBook 500mhz. But there is also a PC laptop in the mix, and that can't pick anything up on the first floor either. With that said I'd still be interested in any tips and tricks you have for increasing the TiBook's range.
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    Wireless signal boost

    I live in a two story house and I have a Linksys wireless router on the second floor. I can get a decent signal on that floor but I can't get ANY signal on the first floor. Not even directly under the router while holding my laptop up to the ceiling. I don't know what kind of magical...
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    Font Management

    Has anyone played around with the Font App in the final release of Panther? I tried the first beta version and I was really disappointed. I did throw a lot of fonts at it... maybe around 1000, but if it can't handle that then it's not really of any use to me. I'm hoping that it was just a...
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    Mounting SMB shares, can't seem to get it to work

    I think I know why I was able to connect to network connected PC drives at work and you are having trouble doing so. I brought brought my PC home from work and tried connecting to it from my laptop, same as I do at work. This time however no such luck. I have a feeling that it might have...
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    Mounting SMB shares, can't seem to get it to work

    that's exactly what I did. I typed in this: smb://torres/my music the authentication window popped up and I entered in my info. The only thing that didn't work was like in jaguar I could never get the preference to stick for saving my password to the keychain for PC drives. I was...
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    Mounting SMB shares, can't seem to get it to work

    I also ran into this problem but if you type in the full path (think pre jaguar) it works fine. I've been using it to connect to the PC networked drives at work. Just add it to your favorites and you should be all set. As for going from PC to Panther I haven't found a way to do that but...
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    Is the iSight worth it?

    Ok here you go... I took three photos after dark in a large room with medium light conditions. I took one picture of the ceiling, one of my computer and one of the floor. 1. 2. 3. These three pictures were taken a few seconds apart and all in the same room from the...
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    Is the iSight worth it?

    It's actually not very good in low light conditions. The picture starts to get pretty grainy. Once the sun sets tonight I'll take a picture with it and post it here.