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The M1 is awesome. Looking forward to next gen Apple Silicon chips! It's taken surprisingly long so far for a two year transition. I got an Air first and then got it replaced by an MBP from work. I think I actually prefer the Air – better keyboard and I still find the touch bar less usable than physical keys.

It's so nice to see that familiar faces are still around here. Cheers and wheeee!


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This one is for @ScottW

I joined this place in 2000, when I was 12. After a while and quite some posts, edX invited me to be a mod, which I felt as a great honour. Not sure how long that career lasted, perhaps a year or two.

I think it must've been the summer of 2002 when I was approached by a guy, Bjørn, on the airport on way home from summer vacation, for the sole reason I was using a PowerBook G4. Back then, there weren't many Mac users, especially our age. Turned out edX was a fellow acquaintance! Bjørn met edX the year before. Bjørn is now a lecturer and edX a psychologist.

I've made such a lot of connections through this forum, mostly indirectly. Once, I made some question about arabic language, and Gia put me in touch with a Saudi, who connected me with another person who's been a friend for years now.

The only forum member here I've met in person though is toast (François), who I made video reports with, from Apple Expo 2003. He also came visit us in Oslo in 2016.

I'd like to hand out big kudos to @ScottW for still keeping this forum up. That's some longevity!
Cheers for friendships and lifelong connections :)