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Ahhh, we've moved on to lots of rain now. But they're also predicting a decent summer. Seems a bit far in advance to try to make that prediction!


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The only thing those forecasters get right: At 9 pm it is dark.

(disclaimer: except during the summer in parts of Canada & Alaska & Iceland)


We lived in Moscow for a couple years - on the top floor of a 14 story building near Moscow State University. The evenings were spectacular through the western windows as the sun set after 11 pm (iirc) in a magenta glow and then rose again before 6 in a full blaze of color in the eastern windows. I was a wonderfully weird light to go for a stroll in on warm summer nights.

Not always dark at 9.


I remember one trip to Canada and it was still dark outside at breakfast time. We'd arrived late the night before and had been jet lagged, so we were very sleepy and had not seen much of the landscape when a friend drove us from the airport to the hotel. Whilst having breakfast, we asked each other how far away the mountains must be. As the sun rose, the outdoors became illuminated and we realised the mountains were right next to us! We quickly learned that the apparent late sun rises and early sun sets for us were because the sun had to get above the mountains. :D


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Man it was actually 77 here in Upstate NYS and Sunny at least 3 days! This has been great for once this year!


That sounds quite nice, Satcomer. :)

Going from snow, cold, rain, and the dark, I know people who have lived in very different parts of the world and told me of temperatures ~60 C (~140 F). I'm definitely not made for those sorts of temperatures! :D