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    Strange message in log

    Upon looking through my System Log on my Powerbook G4 12" 1 GHz (768 MB RAM), I noticed that it was littered with what looks to be a strange error message. "Jul 11 01:52:22 PowerbookG4 kernel: Graphics chip error! Restarted." The message appears 2 to 3 times per day. Is this a normal...
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    What is this error...?

    I needed to check the Console this morning and noticed that there were a few errors that I couldn't identify. They were: "yylex: ERROR." Does anyone know what that means? I am running Panther v. 10.3.1 on a PB 12" 867 with 640 MB of RAM. Thanks.
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    Extreme Base Station Printing Broken

    Yet another new problem since my "upgrade" to Base Station Firmware 5.1 and 3.1 of the Airport Admin Utility -- and this one really ticks me off. In order to print to my HP Deskjet 960 I have to unplug/re-plug the USB cable into the Base Station in order for any of my computers (wired or...
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    Really Odd Font Problem

    It's been a long time since I have read any posts about Font issues but now I have one of my own -- and it seems to be the opposite problem people have had in the past with fonts. All of a sudden, fonts in the Classic Font Folder (in the Classic System folder) have become unavailable to OS X...
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    Airport Admin Utility Not Seeing Base Station

    Since upgrading to version 5.1 of the firmware and 3.1 of the Admin Utility software the Airport Admin Utility does not "see" the Airport Extreme Base Station. Hitting the Rescan button does not help. Though I can find the Base Station by clicking the Other button and manually typing the...
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    Airport Extreme-ly Worthless

    OK, well [the APBS] is not worthless (I've had a chance to calm down in a day) but it is a pain. I spent my Sunday morning snaking wires through the wall and mounting the base station high on the wall and reception has definately improved. I still maintain, however, that this should not be...
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    Airport Extreme-ly Worthless

    But it IS a problem -- enough so that Apple is releasing firmware updates to deal with it. So rock or not, this is a real issue that needs a real solution. And, by the way, I'm a HUGE Apple fan, but my being a supporter of Apple is not insurance against complaining to the company about a...
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    Airport Extreme-ly Worthless

    I have an Airport Extreme Base Station and I think it's a hunk of junk. Apple admitted that the APBS has little tolerence for busy network traffic and for 2.4 Gh interference and they weren't kidding!! Their new firmware update 5.0.4 was SUPPOSED to fix that but alas the problem is still...
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    Weird Key Combination

    You are right. Checked the Services menu in the Finder and it is indeed the key combo for Open URL in Navigator. Thanks!! Not sure what the crash was either, though I had some new fonts open in Suitcase that may have actually caused yet another crash: ContentIndexing process crashed twice...
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    Weird Key Combination

    Just thought someone might be able to explain something strange that I did accidentally today... I was trying to navigate to a folder from the Finder using the key combination Option-Shift-g and instead typed Option-Shift-u. Strangely, the program Navigator opened up to a page with the URL of...
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    .Mac users

    It seems that the Apple-supplied Backup doesn't work very well. There are numerous forums on .Mac about this -- though you can't see them until you actually pay for the service. Nine out of 10 backups fail -- and the error dialog box always says it is an issue with the .Mac servers...
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    UNIX Newbie Question About "TOPS"

    I tried SSH for the first time yesterday and it is really cool. While logged into my iMac from my Powerbook via SSH I wanted to see running processes and memory usage on the iMac. At the prompt I typed "tops" instead of "top" and got a whole slew of text that basically confused and bewildered...
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    Filemaker Pro Tough Scripting Question

    Can't find this anywhere at all... In a Filemaker Pro contact database, I want to create a script that pops up a custom dialog box to remind the user to place a follow up telephone call to a contact one hour (or 30 minutes, or whatever) from the time the user initiates the script (presses a...
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    Bizarre Jaguar Get Info Glitch

    This is a strange one but here goes... Only when I'm in my Administrator account the strangest thing happens. When I choose Get Info on a file or directory for which I am the owner and open "Ownership and Permissions", the owner's name (which should be me) is either in garbled text or in an...