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    How many Macs do you have?

    I have an iMac DV SE (the one in my signature) and an old Macintosh SE from 1987.
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    Safari Bookmarks

    You can open it with the application "Property List Editor". I think it's installed along with the developer tools (a seperate CD that come with Mac OS X).
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    Favorite games - thread

    Does anyon know for sure that abandonware is legal? I know that sites like that says so but I don't feel too convinced. Is someone on this forum a lawyer?
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    Show time connected - OSX 10.2

    All I can say is that it has worked perfectly for me ever since I upgraded to Jaguar. Do you have any of his/her computer specs, in particular his/her means to connect to the internet?
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    Wanna see Steve's Paris keynote ?

    No need for that. It's available from Apple now at I'm going to watch it tonight.
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    Problem in hiding apps

    I'm not entirely sure but I think that's just a setting in TinkerTool - not in Mac OS X itself (at least not in the GUI part of it). You can probably download it at
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    Deleting pics in iPhoto: How??

    I think it works like this: If you try to delete a picture while you're in an album then only the link to the file will be deleted. If you instead are in your "Photo library" and try to delete a picture, then the dialog will pop up and ask you if you want to delete the file too.
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    Dont Read This If You Want Tomorrow To Be A Surprise!!

    Finally found a mirror to the article:
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    DV-stream without quicktime pro

    Does anyone know if it's possible to convert a normal quicktime file into a DV-stream file without buying Quicktime Pro? I'm looking for a simple shareware or freeware to use once for a school project.
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    Metadata petition

    Don't you think that something is missing from Mac OS X? Labels, aliases that don't break, no filename extensions? I truly recommend that everyone who cares about the thing that make the mac platform special to sign this petition:
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    The BIG OS 10.2 thread...

    I would like the trash to say how many files it contains and how much space they use when I empty it (like it did in Mac OS 9).
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    Beta Testing Anyone?

    I think I have found a bug. The "Stop Speaking" button doesn't seam to work.
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    I think it's a "Gulfstream V" (looked for it in an old mac-paper).
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    Jaguar - Mac OS X 10.2

    Should the dock follow you when you change desktop, stay in the "main" desktop or should there be a seperate dock for each desktop? By the way, spring-loading folders are usefull. I sure hope they appear in X.
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    hiding windows question

    This is what the Aqua Guidelines says: "Reserved and recommended keyboard equivalents Menu Keys Command Application Command-H* Hide Application Command-Q* Quit Window Command-M* Minimize File Command-N* New … *These combinations are reserved by the system; the others are...