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    Apple and Mpeg 4

    If you want to learn more about the relation between MPEG-4, DivX ;-) and Quicktime :
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    iMac chrome goose neck thing

    Of course, it's the main reason why the "neck" is in strong stainless steel! Like the original iMac, the iMac G4 has it's own "handle" so it would be easier to transport...
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    Login Screen — Configurable?

    This is AWESOME! Thanks a lot for both of you...
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    Login Screen — Configurable?

    First of all, is it possible to CHOOSE wich users appear on the userlist that can be displayed at login? What if I don't want a list of 10-20 users with pictures on them, but would prefer 2 admin users and the options to type-login the username that wouldn't appear on that list? Secondo, how...
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    Great Browser

    Kilowatt, Thanks a lot for your explanation. I'm used to patiently search for the greatest Mac software, but since it was impossible (at that time) I did what I thought was logical : screaming for help! ^_^ I WILL download the build and try it, in hope that it will offer me an alternate...
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    Great Browser

    First of all, I'm a Mac User. This means that when I want to install new applications, I like the KISS (Keep It Simple & Stupid) method. I've downloaded the latested Mach-O Build to experience how fast Mozilla can run under Mac OS X. I'm using 10.1.2 in French but it shouldn't be a problem since...
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    M$ is hiding stuff

    Why are you guys so sure about this being a network problem? The same thing will occurs if you reinstall anything Marcomedia and some Adobe on a Mac that isn't on a local network... What you need to do (don't know about OS X, but in OS 9 that was the trick) is zapping the PRAM...
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    iMac chrome goose neck thing

    Maybe it implies something to do with an optional 17" flat screen later this year? I doubt this is it since it involves having a video card that support higher resolution... Any comments?
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    Switching Desktop folders?!

    I did something similar, only on the same partition — but you can follow the same procedure anyway. What I did was to make the Desktop of OS 9 and the Desktop of OS X the same! It's quite simple really... Log on your computer using AppleTalk. Make an alias of the "Desktop Folder" in your...
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    From this Ben Waggoner article Available @ (VERY Interesting by the way) DivX ;-) This irritatingly named technology (the winking smiley face is actually part of the name!) has one of the most unbalanced heat/light ratios of any...
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    TIME posted picture of the NEW iMac!!!

    Here's a direct link, if still available:
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    TIME posted picture of the NEW iMac!!!

    The canadian version of the TIME website has already posted pictures of the new iMac — featuring Steve Job and Jonathan Ive. This "time" it's real...
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    Too much files in a directory?

    I just finished installing Mac OS X 10.1 and I'm proud with the SPEED (Yeah, and that DVD Player works fine too)! Now I'm facing a huge problem : I'm cleaning up my personnal files that weren't organized adequately in OS X 10.0.4 and when I open a folder that contains more than 70 files and...
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    10.1 : Upgrade from Apple or Retailers?

    I can imagine that Apple had to deal with a certain paranoia over pirates that will make copies of a full version of Mac OS X 10.1, but this Up-To-Date program is not as simple as it should be. First, you need to fill and send Apple the Upgrade Order Form from their website INCLUDING a copy of a...
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    Mac OS X screenshot in a new movie!

    Listen to yourself: «That movie must suck because it's using a box to group elements!» COME-ON! That movie will suck because Martin Lawrence is in it, not because «it's using a box to group elements!»... Holywood usually don't care about the computer displaying somekind of operating system...