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    Microsoft - Age of Mythology

    Sierra's dead...
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    G4 Cube Hard Drive

    Ah, the kernal panic... I think...
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    Longhorn 3D GUI Engine Quicktime movies

    HAHA! YOU LOSE! See it for yourself at near the bottom.
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    Longhorn 3D GUI Engine Quicktime movies

    Machacker: HOHOHOHOHOHHOHO!!!!!
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    Ichatav - User Names

    I changed my screen name, it is: "UNIX X11 on AIM", without the quotes. Avalible for audio and text chats. It's an AIM screen name. Anything else you need to know :)?
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    12" PB Feedback

    I LOVE MY 12" Powerbook!!! I wanted a 17"... but 12" is enough. You'll love it! I took a hammer to my old ass iMac when I got my powerbook...
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    aac player for Windows???

    or you can use quicktime 6.3 for Winblows...
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    Dudes... I'm only 14... a LAZY 14 year old
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    Question marks on Microsoft Office icons in dock

    It means the dock cant find that app. drag the ?'s out of the dock and drag them back in.
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    Will the G5 Run Classic?

    YOu cnanot boot into Mac OS 9 but you can run the classic enviorment. The classic enviorment will inly use 999 MB of RAM Maximum
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    Grr... boo... heh. What I meant by mac hacker was kinda a ResEdit thing... heh. Like "hacks" to the system... not bad ones tho... and this name makes me look bad so I'M TRYING TO GET A NAME CHANGE... but so far, nothing...
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    Well sinse Berkely systems is dead then I guess I'll have to play After Dark Games in classic mode...
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    Airport Extreme Problems

    I know the printer problem. go to applicatins utiitlities airport setup assistant. Make sure your internet is plugged into the WAN port so you can set it up. if you plug it into the LAN it wont work. set up airport in the assistant and your all set :) Maybe the WAN problem will help your...
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