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    Bobw Passed Away

    My condolences to his family to their loss. It is sad that we have lost such a great contributor to the community. I hope we can learn from Bobw and all the things he has shown us, that continue to make the Mac community a great one. Thanks Bobw. I shall miss you. Rest in peace. I am sure where...
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    ipod firmware

    I am playing back AIFF file just fine...
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    Will Apple drop OS X in favour of Windows?

    Apple = iPod. This is what that has been pissing me off (though I have to say I love the iPod) and I shall not launch into whether is the iPod doing more harm than good, Steve still love Macs, etc. But there is a fear in my heart that Apple might just "integrate" Mac OS X with Vista...
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    Garage Band!?

    Depends on whether someone out there will write 3rd party apps to support GB. I think there are many possibilities... but the lack of in-depth info on GB is making me very irritated... sampling rate, format of samples (loops) and things like that... arrghh... But as a composer, I think GB is...
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    Garage Band!?

    You almost killed me... I could not stop laughing!
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    Is that an iPod in your pocket...?

    I'll be damned... those guards chasing her kinda remind me of the characters used in Intel adverts... ha ha ha... sorry, cannot help it...
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    Is nobody else disappointed with MWSF?

    I am not too sure about GarageBand... there are no specs stated on the Apple Website... this means, no idea, whatsoever, on the software sampler/groove maker/digital audio recording that you are buying! But darn! The Jam Pack sounds sweet with 2000 loops! I get that for FREE with next issue of...
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    MWSF Official Thread

    Same here in Middle Earth (Singapore is near the equator, so I guess we kinda qualify for that... LOL...)... still waiting for ITMS...
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    10.3.2 released

    A little buggy... boot up slows down...
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    Next G5 Speed Update?

    I am also making a purchase for three units, and at the very least, will be waiting until MW is over and see what new goodies are out, and grab the first lot of reduced price stocks! :D
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    Mwsf 2004!

    I'll be damned if they are selling cows and "longhorns"... :D Heard that 10.4 is going to be called "Hello Kitty"... (yes I know... lame joke)...
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    Next G5 Speed Update?

    4X !?! Wow... that would be awesome, and awfully hot.
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    ipod dirty secret... :-|

    The link is broken. Or is it my Safari acting nuts? Seems like the "fan" has taken his video off air...
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    iBook G4 ???? interesting...

    Apple is moving faster than before with products and processor speeds... that is good enough news for me for now...just that it makes my purchases out of date pretty fast... so I am keeping my 12" Alubook for now... until G5 PB are released... But G4 iBooks would be good for the line of...
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    wireless keyboard and mouse

    This release is a disappointment, period. I expected more from the industrial design department. Microsoft, (I hate to say this) has released better input devices with their new range of products and the multi button mouse is a really handy product. Break the tradition of single button mouse...