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    WiTunes and importing tracks

    If he has WMP9 on his PC and it can read the ID3 Tags he could reorganize the Library by going to Options -> Media Library and check the option for Reorganize Library (Don't know the exact wording cause I am on a German system)
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    '04+ Upcoming games list!

    If people are talking about Consoles, they usually mean PS2, XBox, Gamecube and all these. Not PC or Mac. An example for that is Blizzard's Starcraft Ghost: It is a game for Consoles. In the FAQ the last Question is: Q: Will there be a PC and Mac version? A: No. StarCraft: Ghost is...
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    Panther 7A179 - detailed report with screenshots

    I just looked at the pictures, and I think the interface looks a little inconsistent. Text Edit for example has this nice grey topbar. The Finder again has this Brushed Metal Look. But then again, I never was a big fan of the Brushed Metal Look. I think it's too heavy on the eyes.
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    167Mhz to 1Ghz!?? I don't get it...

    The FSB is the Systembus. As I understand it, 1GHz is the rate that the Processors can talk to each other.
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    OH MY GOD -- check out what address book can do!!

    Maybe Adressbook really can send SMS for free. But this is nothing new. ICQ can send SMS since quite some time. Microsoft Messenger can also send SMS, but only with an add-in (MS-ish for PlugIn), I think.
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    Apple Store shows a G5 ad

    Anyone noticed that the G5 spec list and the G4 spec list use different fontcolors and are different in some other areas? I think they were being hacked, but we will see on Monday (Or maybe later, cause Stevie is pissed and keeps his G5 for at least another week to himself :p )
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    Here are some more screenshots: Doesn't look to different from XP to me... Fortunatly MS still lets you choose how the OS looks like, they have a silvery theme included (At least in XP) and you can choose to use the Classic GUI. If they...
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    So how many of you have switched?

    I switched from Mac to PC last November. There were those things about Apple with the .mac acounts and the full paying for Mac OS X 10.2 that really pissed me off (Altough I got 10.2 for free cause I am in ADC). But the worsed thing is the pricing for Macs: I just couldn't justify to...
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    Firewire gone

    The Firewire connectors should be fine for a long time, even if you unplug them daily. They are very robust. In fact, the small 4 pin connectors were on the old Nintendo Gameboys for the linkcable, so they were tested by kids for years before they made their way to Firewire. That's why they...
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    Mac - PC network

    Printer sharing is not possible, but you can share files easily between Mac OS X and XP: In Mac OS X, goto the Systemcontrol where you can add new /edit users and check the box for your user "Allow Windows users to log in" or something like that. You now will be able to open your Home folder...
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    iPhoto 2: Where's the iphoto library

    An Album is nothing more than a XML file on your disk. Pictures in an album are linked inside this XML, there are no Aliases on disk.
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    Are you a full time OS X user yet?

    I voted for "Still need Classic". But it is more that I still have to boot into OS 9 for some hardware stuff (scanner). Why did Apple made the new Macs non bootable in 9? Where is no hardware reason, only reason is to annoy its customers. Apple, I am annoyed! :mad:
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    why mac lacks

    Bla bla. Go play somewhere else.
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    Why don't PC users buy Macintosh?

    I wouldn't say it is the cheapest here in Gemany, but if I wanted a notebook, I would have taken a iBook. They are simply the best. :) But the Powermacs are too expensive. Period. For switching back and forth Mac and PC, you are not quite right: If you use expensive software like Photoshop...
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    Why don't PC users buy Macintosh?

    Why people don't buy Macs? I can tell you why my last Computer has been a PC and not a Mac: Simply because of the money. I really couldn't see why I should buy a Mac right now when they are so overpriced. I hope in 1 or two years they will be more affordable again. I don't mind to pay a...