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    How to remove a word from the Mac dictionary

    Well, to be terribly nerdy; Web site and Internet ARE the correct spellings. The "Web" and "Internet" are proper nouns requiring capitalization; "website" technically isn't one word. We discussed this a lot at my last place of employment dealing with our marketing materials and how "Web...
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    Considering getting an iPhone, but....

    There is a free app called "Say It" that does voice dialing on the iPhone though.
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    Hep! How to install Mac OSX on Powerbook G4 w/o Administrator Password!

    You may want to try holding just C right after to hear the startup chime. Some Macs require C and others require Apple + C. One of those key combinations should work. If they don't, something else is up.
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    os x5

    Very carefully? ;-)
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    Wide-screen when hooked to a TV?

    You're getting black bars on the sides because the movie you're watching is being presented in a 4x3 aspect ratio, instead of 16x9, the aspect ratio of your LCD TV. So, basically you're fitting a square movie onto a rectangular screen. The only thing you can really do is tell your television to...
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    I pod submerged in salt water, no power

    It's most likely dead. Drying it out might work if it was fresh water you dropped it in, but since it was salt water, the most conductive of waters ;-) , I'd be suprised if none of the board components were fried. Even if you did dry it out, you'd still have salt in it.
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    copying folders in terminal

    You can put a "&" at the end of the command. ie: cp * /stuff & to bring it back to the foreground, type "fg"
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    Finding out my physical location??

    I really don't know how you'd go about finding the location of the access point easily. You could: a) connect to the access point, go to and see what the public IP address of the router is, and then try and get their ISP to tell you who's got that IP (they probably won't) or...
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    Is this true about Macs?

    I would argue that any problems a person runs into with Access is that THEY'RE USING ACCESS! ;-) It is true that Mac OSX could be considered "noisy" because of Bonjour, iTunes and iPhoto sharing but I don't see how it'd be any noisier than NETBIOS.
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    Samsung Syncmaster 2032BW with Powerbook G4 - not playing nicely

    It seems to me that you have a defective monitor, or possibly a defective cable. I recommend that you replace the cable, and if you still see this "noise" take the monitor back. I have a Samsung 19" LCD monitor for my MacBook and it works fine.
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    Wireless connection for my Macbook Air

    I don't know if this is still true or not, but it used to be that Apple wireless cards could only use WEP key 1. So, make sure that if your router supports mulitple WEP keys that you're only using 1.
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    Aliases (and soft links) broken- AFP/SMB

    What exactly do you mean by a "soft link?" Do you mean a symbolic link using the "ln -s" command?
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    Mac OS X and Linux ext3 file system

    Yes you can if you use Samba to share the target drive. (Or install netatalk for your linux server to actually serve up an Apple share.) The file system itself doesn't really matter. How you share the drive over the network is what's important. (The linux OS will handle reading and writing to...
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    Direct read of Airport Extreme USB disk

    you could try a "sudo chown -R <username> *" This will change the ownership of all the files to whatever to type for <username>. Make sure that you're in the /Volumes/<volume name of your usb drive> before running it.
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    Direct read of Airport Extreme USB disk

    One thing you can try is : 1) Open Terminal from Applications -> Utilities 2) in the Terminal type cd /Volumes/<volume name of USB drive here> 3) type sudo ls -lah (sudo will ask for your password) 4) a list of the directories should be displayed with the 1st column showing access rights...