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    Lineage For MAC! Check this out!

    I have it and have set up an account. Coming to it from Ultima Online though its a bit of a let down. the characters all look extremely alike, and the new player experience is non existant. NPC's seem to be giving advice that you need two levels from now. The fact that even the male...
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    Star Wars Battlegrounds for mac! Hoorah

    Did I pick it right or what!? Aspyr announced SW:Battlegrounds for mac in the Keynote!
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    Forget the iWalk, this is what Apple is releasing (with proof)

    Hell no, wireless mice are a pain in the arse, forever changing batteries :( Maybe if they came with a spare rechargeable battery and recharger. It'd be nice to see a two button apple mouse though, was just about to buy an intellieye.
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    What would you pay for my setup?

    you might get better offers for your cube on ebay from places where the cube was not originally marketed so well (international). I have thought about selling my cube but only for 1 or 2 seconds, its such a cool little unit, I'd rather save up and get _another_ computer :) I just can't part...
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    OmniWeb 4.1sp21 True I've seen iframes used for advertisements, but I've also seen them used for handy news frames. They are far easier to use and update than setting up a page with html frames which can achieve similar but less effective results.
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    where's wolfenstein?

    Alright, Ok there Ulrik, Lets go on pretending Graeme is still the one working on it. As for the dedicated server, that is the file that was being tested. Have you tried running it with the complete PC versions pak files?
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    OmniWeb 4.1sp21

    Like it or not, you betcha.
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    where's wolfenstein?

    Lol the dedicated server went up ages ago :) Westlake are completeing the work on the osX and now os9 ports for wolfenstein due for release next year...
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    OmniWeb 4.1sp21

    Is there some way to hack out the plugin that netscape for osX uses to display iframes so that I can FORCE omniweb to display iframes at all? Or must I wait and pray that the developers pull their thumbs out of their keisters and support what is a friggen webstandard now, regardless that it...
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    where's wolfenstein?

    Well you know better now Gerbick :p Graeme isn't working on it (hes busy with doom, and quake3 1.31 for mac).
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    Quake 3 loses prefs

    What version of quake are you using? I assume you are playing in osX (based on the messageboard :D). In Quake3 for osX, your configuration file should be saved in the ~/library/application support/quake3/baseq3/ folder (where the tilde refers to your home directory) ie my username might...
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    Age of empires 2?

    the only thing I truly like about aoe 2 is the possibility of this appearing for MAC sometime. Star Wars battlegrounds uses a version of the age of empires (2) engine, which could mean that converting battlegrounds to mac is not such an impossibility. Westlake have ported Monkey Island 4...
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    Making animated gifs in osX ?

    Can anyone give me a heads up on a program that can run native in osX to use to make animated gifs. I usually like to use fireworks by macromedia, but theres still no carbon/cocoa version of this anywhere near the horizon. I haven't looked very deeply into graphic converter (perhaps it has...
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    Only Mortal - quake3/wolfenstein online browser for osX 10.1.1+

    Up till now I've been making use of Torq's Q3 server sniffer, an alpha program he was coding in his finite spare time for the benefit of the few mac heads who frequent the mac discussion thread at Its been well worth the downloads every time. Yesterday however I was pointed to...
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    Wolfenstein PC Retail on Mac

    There is no single player demo for osX. Wolf ships with two binaries, one for single player and one for multiplayer. The osX has so far only seen a multiplayer binary. The multiplayer binary released for osX is a technical test, and does not support the full feature set of the retail...