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    Damaged Target Volume

    Time to try whatever repair utilities you may have. DiskWarrior (the first choice for most), TechTool Pro or (shudder) Norton Systemworks/Utilities may be able to repair your disk.
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    It can be disabled quite easily. Go to System Preferences > Spotlight > Privacy, and designate folders or disks that you don't want to get indexed. :D
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    "AuthServer" failed to start????

    Not present in my system.log.
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    Get yourself a Kensington input device and their MouseWorks software. That will allow you to set the tracking to supersonic speeds. I use the Mouse-in-a-Box Optical Pro (5 buttons and scroll-wheel) myself. And I have MouseWorks configured so that my cursor zooms from one corner of my screen...
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    New WMP9 For OsX

    Erm... it's got a metal appearance... image quality still sucks... So what's new in this release?
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    Someone stop me!!

    I have these savings bonds that won't reach maturity for about another 15 years. But if I cash 'em all in right now, I can just about afford a dual 2 GHz G5. Anybody want to argue me out of doing it? ;)
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    Apple Two Button Mouse - Vote Please!!!

    Amen to that! I use a Kensington Mouse-in-the-Box Optical Pro, with 5 buttons (counting the clickable scroll wheel). With Kensington's MouseWorks driver, I can also set up chording - clicking two buttons at once for yet more commands. I can do so many things with my mouse! When I use my...
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    So what's the scoop for NY in 2 weeks?

    There was originally a very small amount of cocaine in Coke, but it was completely gone by 1929. And this is totally off-topic. ::ha::
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    is this a worthy price.

    Yeah, my wife gets a big laugh out of a lot of the tech item auctions on eBay, since she can usually find the same items, brand new, for sale at a lower price. :D
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    New Mac OS X User: What should I not do ? And what should I do?

    I also have a slot-loading "old-skool" iMac & external Firewire HD (see sig), and can confirm that it is easy to install OS X on the FW drive and boot up from it. Have a ball! :D
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    Help, safari 1.0 won't launch!

    PithHelmet has not yet been updated for Safari 1.0. Go to ~/Library/InputManagers and delete the SIMBL (or PithHelmet, in older versions) folder. Then Safari 1.0 will function properly.
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    Browser War!

    No votes for iCab? I guess Ed hasn't seen this thread yet. ;) Mainly Safari for me, and it does handle my on-line banking. Chimera or Mozilla for sites that Safari can't yet handle. And once every couple of months, IE for those @#$%*&# non-standard sites.
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    What do U all Think - Final Verdict ?

    Love the new software, but the new hardware! OMFG! I wonder if Apple would trade me a G5 for my lovingly maintained, low-mileage 1998 Toyota Corolla... :D
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    Huge Typo on

    It's not just you. :D
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    Java 1.4 Sucks!

    To remove the Other login button, disable Root. :D