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    Tiger in Janruary!?

    They will most likely announce it officially, and say it's shipping Thursday March 24, with " A night of Tiger."
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    the keynotes......

    Are the ones in QT higher quality then the downloaded streams? if so We want WE WANT!!!
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    Fully Loaded PB17" for $1,830

    SCAM no questions asked. 100% scam don't send money PERIOD
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    Toast cutting file name off to 21 Charactors

    After spending alot of time renaming files with full file names, and then naming the CD with a long file name, I hit record and at the select record speed Toast has cut the file names short. So I canceled the burn. I dumped the preferences same thing. Any ideas? I know it iwll record long...
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    Safari with Tabs (v62 - v71)

    I hope tabbed browsing isn't the only option. There are lots of times were I need seperate windows open to compare things, etc.
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    here's how to get PHP working after upgrading to 10.2.4

    I thought I might as well post to this forum, since this is related to news. After I upgraded to 10.2.4, Apache broke, and also php.I have written an article on how to restore PHP in 10.2.4
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    How do I turn on Sendmail on Mac OS X Server 10.1 for out going only?

    I have a site on a Mac OS X Server 10.1, and have PHP scripts that need to send mail via sendmail. This server I am on is only for Web, since there is a seperate Mac OS X Server for Mail only. I went into the Server Admin app (remotely since actual server is thousands of miles away :) )...
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    Panther 10.3 Question?

    Here's how to clean install Jagaur without the hack Install a bare 10.1 install, then reboot with the Jaguar CD, now when you select the HD toinstall onto, click options, and then click "erase HD." Then Jaguar will be cleaned installed, without the mess of an upgrade.
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    iSync Beta released!!!

    To use with a Palm OS device you must have Palm Desktop 4 installed and use the sync button on your palm cradle. Using the sync button in iSync will not work with your Palm. Memo's and notes will not be synced with iSync. So much for not having to isntal Palm Desktop :mad:
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    When will jag come??

    I ordered Jaguar on July 26, and then when the Family Pack came out changed to that since it was cheaper for the muiltiple computers on August 19, and was bumped to the back of the line, and still haven't recieved it. This also means I am loosing advertiisng money on my site since I was to...
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    OS X turning into XP

    The drop shadow shows up for me. and I am on a Beige G3 266 Radeon Mac:Edition 32MBDDR.
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    Download of MWNY for saving?

    Click here for links to download the MacWorld New York 2002 keynote from Apple.
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    Problems with ftp Server

    There is not ftproot in my /etc/ or /Private/etc/ that's why I was asking.
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    Problems with ftp Server

    Where is the ftproot file? How do I edit it and what do I put in it? Also Where do I config the file to tell FTP to direct different domains to (Liek Virtual Hosts for Apache)? so if I have ftp, go to /folder/domain1 or have goto /folder/domain2 ???? Thanks
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    What digital camera?

    Get the Nikon CoolPix 995. 4x Optical zoom 4x Digital Zoom 1.8 inch LCD large Info/control panel display lense/viewfinder rotate seperatly from LCD Compact Flash Metal tri-pod mount Popup flash Manual Camera lovers dream with Shutter Prioity, Abapture priority, Fully Manual etc...